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Jan 1, 2011

Grant Us An Easter Sonrise, Lord

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“Touch Your people once again
With Your precious holy hand, we pray
Let Your kingdom shine upon this earth
Through a living glorious church
Not for temporary deeds
But to restore authority and power.
Let a mighty rushing wind blow in
Touch your people once again”


Do it again, Lord…
Grant us a 2011 Easter Sonrise

Whatever you have planned,
in and through each of us.
That we might lead,
with a strengthened & restored FAITH.
Fear is empty faith – Double-mindedness.
Cause us to walk as LIGHT-
Confident, that your LIGHT
Shines from within.
Let your LIGHT shine and fall
wherever it seeks to fall.

Do it again, Lord…
Grant us an Easter Sonrise!

Keep us upright and walking –
Walking in your spirit;
Not our own flesh.
Strengthen our spirit
And shackle the hidden
And revealed strongholds,
That keep us crippled
And in bondage -
Against your will.
Remove our bondage
And restore us back to you.

Do it again, Lord
Grant us an Easter Sonrise.

Restore the PASSION –
The created PASSION for you,
And only you, LORD.
Bring us back to the basics
Of your LOVE.
Teach us to rest in your
Restorative perfect LOVE.
Cause us to be seekers,
of that perfect LOVE.
Today – this very hour…
we need Your WISDOM
Your authority and power.

Do it again, Lord
Grant us a 2011 Easter Sonrise

Restore your church again.
Change us so completely
– so Divinely…
That we are nothing less than
– Fully Yours…
resting in the everlasting arms of
Walking in the LIGHT of
Triumphant HOPE
We worship You…
We worship You
Our ONE and only

Copyright 1/1/11
warrior bride Patrina

I Am His and He is Mine
My Beloved
His Warrior Bride


  1. Great Post -Thank you - God Bless - Nita

  2. I found myself praying these lovely words you wrote. May we follow His leading. May your year be filled with His richest spiritual blessings. God bless you sister.

  3. Patrina:
    What a beautiful expression for the new year! Filled with so much hope fore more of what He wants... that's my desire too my friend.

    Hope dad is doing okay, and especially his loving daughter!



  4. yes yes yes to this. I want it so much..to shine His gentle love...Happy New Year to you...

  5. Oh, this was just great, Patrina! I really liked it.

    The line that really spoke to my heart -
    "Strengthen our spirit
    And shackle the hidden
    And revealed strongholds,
    That keep us crippled
    And in bondage -"

    I am claiming that sentiment, that heart desire, for 2011. Free me, Lord, from the things that hold me back from following you in total trust.

    Thanks for sharing a truly beautiful poem...


  6. I found the words very meditative and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy 2011! It is well with you and yours.

  7. Oh yeah! Amen. This is for me! Blessings dear!

  8. Hallelujah and agreeing with you my sister! "Let it be so Lord - Let it be so."

  9. Hi Patrina -

    This is a sure lifter. My heart moved reading this piece. Thank you.

    In particular, this moved me,
    "That we are nothing less than
    – Fully Yours…
    resting in the everlasting arms of
    J E S U S
    Walking in the LIGHT of
    J E S U S
    Triumphant HOPE
    We worship You…
    We worship You
    Our ONE and only
    J E S U S"

    Thank you, Patrina, for those rich expressions of our Lord and His desire for ALL of us.

    Sidebar: You may be inclined to read my New Year's post titled, "SOCIAL NETWORKING SCENES." It has some similiarities to your post here.
    Interesting how our Lord spoke to us both about the need to keep Him first. Certainly, He has expressed the same to others...

  10. beautiful, powerful, true..

    Do it again, Lord.

    Thanks for sharing this, Patrina. I look forward to all God will do in 2011.

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. They speak life.

    God bless you and yours,

  11. I have prayed for more discipline for the new year.. time management.. I need to walk closer to HIM.... Have a blessed New Year my friend...

  12. Amen and Amen - thanks for this entance to our 'favored' Year of Jubilee!

    Choosing JOY,

  13. Amen and Amen, Patrina!!

    Every word of this post is heart stirring! My Spirit cries, YES LORD!!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Love and Blessings!

    PS..the word verification is "addlite"! I believe that's what the Spirit is doing here....shining His wonderful light every step of the way!!! Prov 4:18 : ))

  14. Dear Patrina,

    What a beautiful way to start of the new year.

    It was a pleasure to read it especially after the many days of sadness because of what occurred in Arizona.

    Today was the memorial service and to see all these people come together, I can only hope that the entire nation can come together like this and put aside its differences for the good of the country.

    My best to you and your family for 2011,

  15. Hi Patrina -

    You may be inclined to read my post dated, "GOD'S ADVENTURE FOR ME IN CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA..."

    It was posted today, Monday January 17, 2011 at www.lioneaglesoar.blogspot.com

    Thank you, Patrina, for your consideration.

  16. I join you in this Spirit led desire, dear Patrina.

    The song you posted by Steve Green is one I heard very many years ago - and I have always loved its message.

    The words you wrote are so precious... so right on for this year. A prayer we all so desperately need to pray, and live out.

    I prayed it with you, dear Patrina.

    Thanks for sharing what the Spirit has spoken to your heart.


  17. Happy New Year Patrina!
    Btw I have awarded you a blogger's award. Check out my blog for details. x


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