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Sep 26, 2011

Living in the Present in Spite of the Past

I'm sharing the following Sweet Dreams Devotional that I subscribe to. I've been reading Morris and Theresa Cerullo's evening devotional every night for the past 2 years. I can't tell you how many nights they have spoken right into my heart and mind. This is one of those times.

Maybe it will speak to someone else, as well.

~ Patrina

"There’s a line from a poem that goes, “Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest of these: it might have been.”

In a tragically poignant way, this illustrates the sorrow of a life lived chained to the past with the “might-have-beens” and the “if-onlys.” The past can’t be changed, and yet we find ourselves trying anyway. In this sad process, the enemy blocks us from living in the present and facing the future with the peace that God intends for us.

Tonight, are you wishing you could turn back the hands of time? Are you tired of trying to figure out what you could have done to prevent something that can’t really be undone?

When I feel like this I think of Samson, blind and grinding at the mill. He could have said, “I used to be a mighty ruler in Israel. I might still have been a ruler if only I hadn’t met Delilah.” But Samson didn’t say this. Instead, he became my example for living in the present in spite of the past. While his enemy rejoiced that Samson was their prisoner; he decided not to live in the spotlight of his past glories, or in the glare of his past mistakes, but to live for God in the present. He asked His Father for a last anointing of strength, and achieved final victory for God that was greater than any past success. Even though he was blind he pulled the temple down with a mighty surge of power killing more of the enemies of God than he had in all the days of his life.

Samson learned the hard way that the past should only be used as a bridge to the future.

Tonight, put aside your yesterdays and live with God in the now of your life."

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  1. Of course I have a few regrets----wishing I had or had not done some particular thing in my past...but I realize that life goes on and Jesus wants us to move forward. Heck, we are all human. Ha.

  2. I'm beginning to think that the best work we will ever do on this earth will not be viewed/seen by us until we get home to Jesus and watch it with him in review. Samson certainly had no idea about what his final act of obedience would yield. Still and yet, he moved out in faith. I must do the same.

    Thanks for sharing this devotional. Powerful, indeed!


  3. Living in the present....I used t keep going over the past....and asking why things happened and wishing I had done something different than I had......but now....I've learned all that doesn't matter anymore......thanks for sharing this......

  4. Thank you for sharing this devotional. Blessings.

  5. Dear Patrina, this post is so timely for me. It always amazes me that when I am going through difficult times, my Father finds a way to speak to me through other people. I just love the way Samson was spoken of here. Rather than live in the spotlight, or in the glare... he chose to redeem his past and had a glorious ending to what could have been a defeated life.

    Thank you again Patrina. So glad I visited your blog place... there is always something here for me each time I come over.

    Blessings be yours for your obedience and your sensitivity.


  6. MUITO BOM LINDO BLOG! Eu acredito que Deus criou o homem e deixou o manual de
    instrução, a “BÍBLIA SAGRADA!” A bíblia é a divina revelação da palavra de
    Deus e não produtos enlatados, eu costumo dizer que: “As pessoas precisam
    parar de comer tudo o que dão. E começar a questionar! ” Alguém escuta
    alguma coisa de alguém, e saem falando, sem questionar, sem saber se é
    verdade ou não. As pessoas precisam se perguntar! Será que a minha crença
    esta de acordo com a lei de Deus? Será que a religião que eu nasci sempre
    me falou a verdade? Quando uma pessoa morre pra onde ela vai? Ela volta? A
    bíblia apóia o homossexualismo? Quem não herdara o reino de Deus? O que
    devo saber sobre idolatria, imagens e escultura? O que devo saber sobre o
    único batismo? Será que tem uma seqüência para salvação? A quem eu devo me
    confessar, quem pode me perdoar? Religião salva alguém? Essas e outras
    perguntas e respostas em:
    Você pode dizer, eu já sou salvo amém! Vamos atrás de quem não esta, “Se
    você quer se dar bem com o mundo seja hipócrita, mas se você quer se dar
    bem com Deu seja verdadeiro!” divulgue este site, porque: “Eis que vêm
    dias, diz o Senhor Jeová, em que enviarei fome sobre a terra, não fome de
    pão, nem sede de água, mas de ouvir as palavras do Senhor. E irão
    vagabundos de um mar até outro mar, e do norte até ao oriente; correrão por
    toda parte, buscando a palavra do Senhor, e não a acharão." ( Amós cap 8
    ver 11 e 12 )Fale para outras pessoas, por que “O Senhor não retarda a sua
    promessa, ainda que alguns têm por tardia: mas é longânimo para convosco,
    não querendo que alguns se percam, senão que todos venham a arrepender-se.”
    (II Pedro cap. 3 ver 8) e “Que quer que todos os homens se salvem, e venham
    ao conhecimento da verdade.

  7. Hey Sweet Sister!

    I was praying for you just yesterday! Always seeing God's 'X' in the sky when I least expect it!

    We must start today with where we are and allow the past places of regret to remind of our present choices which will one day effect our futures! I am reminded today that our journey is one step at a time, with our Good Shepherd leading, and choosing to OBEY whatever He desires. There are no regrets when we follow HIM -- because He is faithful!

    JOY, Stephanie

  8. Hi Patrina -

    Thank you

    This stirred my soul indeed. I love the Samson reference...

    Yes, love it!


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