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Oct 6, 2011


I'm sharing a POWERFUL word from Kathie Walters. I love her writings, as she's a dreamer like myself. She often shares her dreams within her writings. I receive much insight into my own dream language from sitting at her table of Godly wisdom. None of us hear exactly the same way. We are drawn to certain things. Even specific subjects that are of great interest to us. It is the way we are created - to bring honor to Him through His given gifts in us. Together, we are Strong. Together, we make up the BODY OF CHRIST - His Church. He is a multifaceted God. Together, we become the hands and feet - the eyes and heart - the mind of God. Collectively we bring honor and Glory to His name - as we reach out from the pivoit point of who He has created us to be - within the BODY.

No matter what gifts the good Lord has bestowed upon us - The following word will empower us to walk humbly with our God - as we live and breathe and serve according to His created purpose.

I read this out loud - and it was POWERFUL!

All Photos by Patrina


He has given to us His robe of righteousness, He extends his mercy, long suffering, loving kindness, tenderness, healing, compassion, He is our shield, our defender, our rock, our hiding place.

He is our provider, counselor, great shepherd, our friend, who is closer than a brother, our love. He is the Husbandman, the keeper of the vineyard. He is the source of all blessing, He saves us, and keeps by His power, from sin and death.

He restores, rescues, forgives and redeems. He is our victor, the captain of hosts, He is our banner, and our standard, mighty in battle, He is he King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus is crowned with glory and honor, He is our savior, sanctifier, redeemer, merciful and faithful high priest.

He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the end, He was dead but now He is ALIVE forevermore and He is seated at the right hand of God (seated - it's finished). He destroyed death, and led captivity captive.

He is the great Apostle of our faith, He is the supreme sacrifice, the spotless and blameless lamb. He is our anchor, our strong tower, our shield, our defender, and He was the Ancient of Days before the first day began.

He is the forerunner, the firstborn among many brethren, He is the surety of a better testament and He comes from the unchangeable priesthood, He is able to save to the uttermost.

His presence doesn't cast any shadow because He is the light that lights the heavenly city. He is the light of the world. and the giver of life. He is the door, the way and the truth. He is the treasure, the pearl of great price, more precious than the finest gold.

He was the rock of ages before any mountain peaks were formed. He was the bread of life before there was any grain. He was the lily of the valley before there were any flowers on the earth.

He is the eternal intercessor
and He is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, higher than the heavens, He makes His enemies His footstool and laughs at His adversaries.

He is the tree of life, He is consecrated for ever and makes us sanctified forever, by His precious blood. He is the minister of the Sanctuary, He is the mediator, the New covenant. He is the high priest of GOOD THINGS to come, He's the Lion of Judah, and the Lamb, slain. He is the New and living way.

He was born contrary to the laws of birth. He lived contrary to the laws of life. He healed, contrary to the laws of medicine. He was tried and condemned, contrary to the laws of justice and He arose, contrary to the laws of death and the grave. He ascended contrary to the laws of gravity and He is coming back again contrary to the expectation of the world

He is the same yesterday
, today and forever. He is the great shepherd of ALL THE SHEEP.

He is the Holder of the Keys, He is the Amen, He is the Final Word

He is qualified to open the Book. He is the expression of the heart of the Father. His love has no limits, His grace has no measure, His power has no boundaries known unto men, out of His infinite riches, He gives and gives and gives again.

He is our nearest Kinsman, and is qualified to redeem us. He is THE WORD MADE FLESH, the honey in the rock. He is high and lifted up He is the lily of the valley the bright and morning star, the fairest of 10,000.

He is more precious than gold, He's the glory and lifter of our heads. He is the righteous judge, He is a refuge for the oppressed. He doesn't forget the cry of the humble.

He bore our sorrows and our griefs, He was despised and rejected of men, and now He controls the destiny of the nations-The kingdoms of this world are going to become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ; and He shall reign for ever and for ever.

He is our portion and our inheritance, His garments smell of sweet myrrh and His breath is as sweet apples. He is a very present help in trouble. He hides us under the shadow His wings, and keeps us as the apple of His eye. He is our high tower, He makes the hills shake, the mountains melt, the heavens bow.

He pulled back the curtain of eternity and stepped out on the stage of time for one brief moment, and then stepped back again into eternity, but in that one brief moment of time, He sealed the fate of every man and fixed the destiny of every man and woman.

He is the bright candle in the darkness because He is the light of life. He is the branch, and the root of Jesse.

He is the Great Wavemaker from Galilee

He makes the crooked paths straight and the rough places plain. He split history, and divided the ages. He is the greatest teacher the world has ever known, He is the Baptizer in the Holy Ghost. He preserves the faithful, He is the resurrection and life.

He spoke and framed the world, He makes our way perfect and makes our feet like hinds feet, He causes us to walk in high places. He is able to comfort, guide and bless. He spoke and the heavens unrolled themselves and the galaxies were born. He spoke and the streams and rivers wound their way across the earth.

The rose began to blush, and the violets cast their fragrance, and the birds began to sing. Colors wove themselves into a rainbow. He spoke and a handful of dust became a living soul. He turns our mourning into dancing and, girds us with gladness.

Let me Tell You About His Voice

His voice is powerful upon the waters, full of majesty, like thunder, it breaks the cedars, divides the flames, shakes the wilderness, makes the hinds to calve, discovers the forests, sets the mountains in their place.

It stills the seas. His voice shook the earth and melted the hills. His voice is as the sound of many waters, He spoke and calmed the storm, He spoke and gave life to the dead, brought healing to the sick, strength to the weak, and forgiveness to the sinner.

Herod could not kill him. The Pharisees could not confound him, Satan could not trick Him. Sickness could not withstand him, Devils could not stay near Him, The waves could not drown Him. The rabble could not disturb Him, death could not corrupt Him. Hell could not keep Him, the grave could not contain Him, Gravitation could not restrain Him and God has highly exalted Him and given Him a Name above every name and at His name every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess, that He is Lord of all.

He led captivity captive and gave gifts to men, He brought a stream out of a rock, and fed the people in the wilderness, He fed 5000 with two loaves and a few fishes

He is Savior to the lost, healing to the sick, He is hearing to the deaf and sight to the blind. He is cleansing to the leper, and strength to the weak. He is comfort to the oppressed, hope to the hopeless and help to the helpless. He is a brother to the friendless and a friend to the brother less and He is LIFE to the dead.

He is infinite, eternal, glorious and full of majesty. One day in His courts is better than a thousand, wouldn't you rather be a doorkeeper in His house than dwell in the tents of the world..?

He is the covenant keeper, keeping- covenant with covenant breakers. He is sweeter than all the flowers, He is the lover of our soul and the keeper of our hearts.

He is music to the poet, and a song to the worshiper. His Name has been whispered by thousands upon thousands of dying soldiers on the battlefields of the ages. His name has been the battlecry of those who fought for righteousness and truth.


Kathie Walters


  1. Beautiful! Such words of praise & intimacy, penned obviously by someone who's spent much time with Him - the Lord.

    To think we'll see Him soon, face-to-face. Utterly amazing ...

  2. Okay
    I like
    Anything about God's character
    tells me about His integrity
    Just loving God right now
    and building up.
    (I am like a lioness protecting my cubs)

  3. This is awesome and powerful, Patrina.

    Thank you for sharing. I will print it out as it is worth reading aloud everyday if possible!


  4. Loved being reminded of His awesome power, love, gentleness, in short, He is our All in All. Glory be to our God! Blessings to you sister.

  5. And He [Christ] is the Head of the body, the assembly.

  6. What an awesome post! Just found your blog and so glad I did. I needed this loving reminder today.

  7. Pretty powerful and boy am I ever grateful that He's all this and even more....

  8. Hi Patrina -

    Thank you so much.

    This is a rich meaningful piece.

    It speaks volumes. An anointed message indeed.

    Hallelujah! GOD'S Words abide forever and shall never pass away.

    He rules and reigns forever. Glory to His awesome winning name!

  9. So glad I came here before I sleep.....had some cries today, grieving lost friendships because of evil.... when God is rejected it is heartbreaking. Just been a hard week... although crying is like cleansing.....I needed to read this and will also print it to place in an important sot...for me to be reminded of His glorious power over evil...I have missed your writing and hope this finds you well....praying for you tonight....loved the bunting!!..."Joseph"....one of my favorites.

  10. Thanks girls for your visit and for taking the time to comment. Glad that it spoke to all of you.

    There is no equal to our one true God! NONE.

  11. Sherry,

    So glad this masterpiece was able to minister to you in your tears. I praise Jesus for that!

    I felt your pain. I am praying for you, as well. I know the heartbreak of friends - and family - rejecting God.

    So thankful for the Holy Spirit - who comforts us in our pain. He feels the rejection too. and our loss. We continue to pray that the Holy Spirit reveals the TRUTH to those who walk contrary to God's plan for our lives.

    Thanks for missing me :)
    I so appreciate you, my friend

    hugs and prayers
    Patrina <")>><

  12. Beautiful!!!!! Wow...I love all those beautiful photographs capturing the eternal creative God that we serve...never running out of ideas!

  13. Teresa,

    Thanks for visiting and for your appreciation for God's creative power. I love His majestic skywriting. He speaks many things to me - through the clouds. It just keeps me looking up and watching for His triumphant return!

    patrina <")>><

  14. You are in my thoughts and prayers today ..... and re reading some of your powerful posts....thank you for that pencil in your hand... may His powerful LOVE pour over and protect and comfort and keep and hug you.... over and over and over.

  15. Patrina, I couldn't let this year end without me dropping by here to tell you I am thankful to God for the gift of your friendship. I have no doubt the New Year will usher in blessings of peace and joy and provision for you and for me!


  16. Hi Patrina:

    I'm hopping over to check on you... miss you! As I come tonight, I am re-reading some of these powerful words and it's such a blessing.

    Trust all is well with Patrina!


  17. Wow, absolutely beautiful! We have a beautiful Lord and Savior. Is this available on a poster? I would love to display this somewhere...

  18. Deborah Ann,

    So nice to see you. This was from Kathie Walter's web site - She wrote it. She give permission to reprint if not for resale and you include her name and info.

    So you can reprint from my post or hers and make it into a poster - with your own pictures...or feel free to use mine in this post. I don't have a copyright on God's big heavens :)

    You will have to check out Kathie's articles to find this specific one... she doesn't title all of her articles. You can find her at

    Kathie Walters


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