Write My Answer On A Billboard Large And Clear

~ I'll climb to the lookout tower and scan the horizon.
I'll wait to see what God says ~ Habakkuk 2:1-2

Jul 4, 2013


  One Nation Under God

Stand fast therefore 

in the liberty with which 

Christ has made us free, 

and be not entangled again 

with the yoke of bondage.  
Galatians 5:1

Jun 28, 2013


"Sometimes the greatest ministries
are situated squarely in the midst of the ignoble,
accompanied by conditions & companions
we might never have sought,
left to our own devices.
It is often then & there
that along comes a opportunity ~
an appointment with destiny ~
which could come by no other means. "

Kathleen Flanagan
you can read "The Wondering Place"
at Sassy Granny

Maybe you had to be at the crossroads
that I was on at the reading of Kathleen's
thought provoking words last Friday.
Because I pondered them all weekend.

Words like.....

" It is often then & there
that along comes a opportunity ~
an appointment with destiny ~
which could come by no other means. "

Knowing the history of Philip and the Ethiopian ...
in Acts 8; 26-40 -  how Philip led him to Christ...
baptized him and then ...
Philip was taken away by the spirit
to another place of ministry...
speaks of a very definite appointed time...
in Philips ministry.
If Philip wasn't accustomed to hearing
and responding to the voice of the Lord...

He could have missed this Opportunity.

I was contemplating whether to stay or to go..
in my current position -
petitioning unto the Lord ...
if there is a destiny yet in the making...
that I'm called to participate in?

If the Lord has has placed me there
for His purposes and not mine...
then I was trusting that He would make
that purpose CLEAR.

I want to be ready
for where ever He sends me...
and I need to be fortified
by His strength and grace
to continue in a place
as long as it takes
to accomplish His will.

But I have a tendency
to go the extra mile...
not understanding whether or not
the Lord has lifted the mandate to stay.
It is such a hard road
for me  to walk sometimes...
not knowing...
whether to go or to stay.

It would be soooo much easier
if ...like Philip...
we could just be transported
in the spirit when it comes time
to move on.

The one thing I hadn't contemplated before...
from this scriptural account...
was the openness...
the readiness of the eunuch...
to hear and receive the gospel message.
The Spirit had already prepared him.
He was reading in faith ...
for understanding to come.

He was seeking TRUTH...

"Ask and it will be given to you;
seek and you will find;
knock and the door
will be opened to you."
Matt. 7:7

While he was still seeking...
the door was opened unto him.
As the Spirit was preparing his heart and mind
to receive that which he sought after...
'spiritual understanding'...

the Spirit was also preparing Philip ...
to be the fruit of the GOSPEL to him.


I was standing at a crossroads
SEEKING God's will.
ASKING which road...

when I read Kathleen's words....

" It is often then & there
that along comes a opportunity ~
an appointment with destiny ~
which could come by no other means. "



Many were in prayer for me.
I sought His face dilligently.
If a destiny was at stake..
mine or someone elses...
I didn't want to miss it!

Sometimes...I walk down a rough road
way longer than the Lord intends.
Because I want to be sure
that it is He and not I
that turns me in another direction.
We are called to suffer
with Christ.
Christianity is not an easy road.
Our flesh is weak...
when the enemy of our soul...
our destinies...
taunts us with lies
until we call out...

"Get me out of here!"
When He has called us to STAY!


I know I've used this scripture before...
it is a headliner in my mind.
Stamped out there years ago,
by the Holy Spirit Himself.
It bears repeating often in my life.
This scripture is why I often STAY...
on a rough and sometimes muddy road,
when He has told me to GO.
More than anything in my life..
I desire to be right where He wants me..
at any given time.

Run with Perseverance

Heb 12:1-3
1  Why seeing we also are compassed about 
with so great a cloud of witnesses, 
let us lay aside every weight, 
and the sin which does so easily beset us, 
and let us run with patience 
the race that is set before us,
2  Looking to Jesus
the author and finisher of our faith;
who for the joy that was set before him
endured the cross, despising the shame,
and is set down at the right hand
of the throne of God.
For consider him that endured
such contradiction of sinners against himself,
lest you be wearied and faint in your minds.

Often I Forget...

There are others
on the same road.
others just like me -
coming and going;.
staying for a while...
or moving on. 
Many people.
Many destiny's.

I feel so alone
in my walk...
that no one understands -
least of all ME.
But God goes with us
He never forsakes  us.
He goes before us
and lights the way.
All He asks...
is that we TRUST
Him with our whole heart.
Our whole mind.
To not walk
in our own understanding.
In all our comings and goings...
acknowledge that He is God!
TRUST that He IS...
who He said He IS....
and that He WILL direct our path.


"that in all things
God works for the good
of those who love him,
who have been called
according to his purpose."
Romans 8:28

I Forget that...

I am His
He is Mine
My Beloved
His Warrior Bride

I Also Forget...

That where I lack understanding...
The Lord is not deaf and dumb.
He hears; speaks; and intervenes.
we are led down a road...
by His divine plan,
to bring His light
to people and places,
that need to see.
Even we faithful christians...
sometimes fail to see....
the subtleness of the world's
influence on us and our family. 


Did I STAY or did I GO? 

I did not STAY.
But I KNOW that He sent me
down THAT specific road...

For such a time as this!

The book that the Lord opened...
by my being there...
revealed that an intruder
had scribbled 'his' name
on pages of innocence
to 'muddy' their name.
The enemy of our soul
set to re-write...
their story according to him.
Worldly intentions
already in play.

But the book incomplete...
a story not finished -
with unwritten pages
just waiting to be filled....
springs forth
with new chapters...
new stories to tell.
And a knowing that...


Trust HIM...
He has a PLAN.

"Trust in the LORD
with all your heart;
and lean not
to your own understanding.
In all your ways
acknowledge him,
and he shall direct
your paths. "
Proverbs 3: 5-6

May the Blessings of the Lord 
overtake you...
and fill you with JOY!

Patrina.... his Warrior Bride in Boots!

* Quote from Truthsharer


Psalm 37:4
Take delight in the LORD, 
and he will give you 
the desires of your heart

Psalm 34:4
I sought the LORD, 
and he answered me; 
he delivered me from all my fears.

Jeremiah 29:13
You will seek me and find me 
when you seek me with all your heart.

John 15:16
You did not choose me, 
but I chose you and appointed you 
so that you might go and bear fruit--
fruit that will last--and so that 
whatever you ask 
in my name 
the Father will give you.

John 15:7 
If you remain in me 
and my words remain in you, 
ask whatever you wish, 
and it will be done for you.

Jun 23, 2013

GODs GRACE - GRACE that is GREATER than all our sin

I am Trusting that someone
needs to hear this word
from Kim Clement.
It brought the following song to mind.
I sing the refrain over and over
when it comes up in my spirit.

Grace, grace, God's grace,
grace that will pardon
and cleanse within;
grace, grace, God's grace,
grace that is greater
than all our sin!
Marvelous grace of our loving Lord, 
grace that exceeds our sin and our guilt! 
Yonder on Calvary's mount outpoured, 
there where the blood of the Lamb was spilt. 
Grace, grace, God's grace, 
grace that will pardon and cleanse within; 
grace, grace, God's grace, 
grace that is greater than all our sin! 
Sin and despair, like the sea waves cold, 
threaten the soul with infinite loss; 
grace that is greater, yes, grace untold, 
points to the refuge, the mighty cross. 

Dark is the stain that we cannot hide. 
What can avail to wash it away? 
Look! There is flowing a crimson tide, 
brighter than snow you may be today. 

Marvelous, infinite, matchless grace, 
freely bestowed on all who believe! 
You that are longing to see his face, 
will you this moment his grace receive? 
Text: Julia H. Johnston
Music: Daniel B. Towner


The following is the Word that blessed my heart.
I don't 'follow' any so called prophets of today.
But I read a lot of articles with my daily devotions
and biblical research - to keep me informed
of what's happening in the physical
as well as the spiritual world today.
Much of my research and reading stems from the need
to understand as I seek revelatory knowledge
for my consistent spiritual dreams.

That said, I do not endorse any prophet of today
or the words that they speak.
But I will say that I believe God's gift
of prophecy is given even for today.


Do not treat prophecies with contempt.
Test everything. Hold on to the good.
1. Thessalonians 5:20-21

Follow the way of love
and eagerly desire spiritual gifts,
especially the gift of prophecy.
1. Corinthians 14:1

For we know in part
and we prophesy in part.
1. Corinthians 13:9

But I would rather have you prophesy.
He who prophesies is greater
than one who speaks in tongues.
1. Corinthians 14:3

The testimony of Jesus 

is the spirit of prophecy.

Revelation 19:10

The Lord can and does
use anything He needs to...
to accomplish His will.
He even uses the enemy!

If this word speaks to you...as it did to me
then receive it. Bathe it in prayer.
Ask the Holy Spirit what the Lord
wants to speak to you concerning this word.

I believe the Lord wants to lay
His 'healing hands'
on some specific soul...
as He did mine today.

I Give all Glory and Praise
to my ONE and ONLY ...







He who has ears to HEAR

Let him HEAR

May 25, 2013 - From The Den
Kim Clement

Please hear me.
I heard this word this morning, clearly,
"I will restore today that which has been taken illegally,
and even if My people have made mistakes."

Listen to what the word is – hear it now, please.
Abraham lied about his wife;
said it was his sister for his fear of death,
and so the king took Abraham's wife
and God visited the king
early that morning in a dream,

"Should you touch this woman,
I will kill you. That man is a man of God."

The king came to Abraham
and the king said to him,
"Why did you lie to me?
I could have died
because I took into my hands your wife."

 And he came with offerings
to Abraham and said,
"Here is your wife back.
 It's your mistake, Abraham,
but along with your wife,
I'm giving you offerings of goats
and bulls and sheep and stock
for I want you to be totally restored"
(see Genesis 20).

It was a mistake that Abraham made.
It wasn't the king's mistake,
but even though it was Abraham's mistake,
God restored that mistake;
God restored him, not only with his wife back,
but with much in blessing.

Even If It's Your Mistake 

That Caused Your Loss

Today, this is what God tells me to tell you.
Even if it's your mistake;
even if you're the one
who made the mistake
and you've lost it,
God said,

"I will restore it to you today
 but I will pay back twice the amount,
four times the amount,
five times the amount,
100-fold – if you would come to Me
in faith today,

I will do it," says the Lord.


prayerfully submitted

Jun 17, 2013

BELIEF is the Driver of ACTION

Paul wrote in Philippians 3: 12-14
"I press on to take hold of 
that for which Christ Jesus 
took hold of me.  
Brothers and sisters, 
I do not consider myself 
yet to have taken hold of it. 
But one thing I do: 

Forgetting what is behind 
and straining toward 
what is ahead, 
I press on toward the goal 
to win the prize 
for which God 
has called me heavenward 
in Christ Jesus."

Leif Hetland from
Global Mission Awareness writes:

"Some people learn from the past,
and some live in the past.
Let me remind you,
 failure is not final or fatal.
I can sit in my car,
look in the rear view mirror
and I can have a glimpse
of where I came from.
It is important
to be able to just have
some historical markers,
to have some memory stones,
and to remember
the faithfulness of God.

But my encouragement is;
Make sure you keep your eyes
on your goal.
Keep your vision
towards the right direction.
Make sure to keep a single focus.

The Bible says that Jesus
endured the cross
because of the joy
that was set before Him."
~ Leif Hetland

Leif's words reminded me
of my dream which found me
sitting in a car...
when I looked out the rear view mirror...
everything around me was clear.
But when I looked
out the windshield in front of me...
everything was clouded over and blurry.
The past presented familiarity...
much more safety & clarity
than the unknown facing me.
I was reluctant to move forward.

I was then reminded
of the dream
that a fellow Christian shared with me...
which found her driving backwards
through the history of her entire life...
Using the rear view mirror.
Physically crossing intersections,
passing buildings and houses
that wove through the fabric of her life....
viewing them from a forward position...
but with eyes wide open to the past.
Her eyesight was focused
and therefore restricted
to only what she could see
in the rear view mirror.

Because she did not specifically
solicit my interpretation,
I gave her permission
to believe what she wanted
and needed to believe for her...
at the time.
I've known her for 20 some years.
She was not prepared
to go deeper.

But for me...
because I could lean
on my own life
for deeper understanding....
I saw her dream
as a  marvelous example
of one living their life in reverse...
Not moving forward...
facing the right direction ....
but focused on the past.


to approach the path
set before us
forces us to stand still
or move in another direction.
Our vision of tomorrow
becomes an endangered thing...
a mere path in the midst of confusion....
eventually usurped by our today.

Living today...
strictly focused on the past....
is not living.
It is a slow death.
We become the state
of our focused mind.

"When people do not accept
divine guidance,
they run wild.
But whoever obeys
the law is joyful."
Proverbs 29:18

I admit...
I can often get derailed
by focusing on the past.
Sometimes, it is a real struggle
to make that mind choice...
to live in today...
with the hope of tomorrow...
but not let tomorrow rob me
of the pleasure
and opportunity
of this day...
which God has set before me.

"Trust in the LORD 
with all your heart; 
and lean not 
to your own understanding. 
In all your ways 
acknowledge him, 
and he shall direct 
your paths. "
Proverbs 3: 5-6

I'm choosing
I'm going to move
one step at a time.

The past is what shaped us...
The present is actively powerful...
It walks us into eternity...
We can't serve from our past..
but how we choose to live our life today..
can speak into tomorrow...
even after we are gone.
Our witness doesn't have to end
in our physical absence from this earth.

I write longhand in paper journals....
more than I write online...
in the digital world.
Because God called me to it!
There is revelation in obedience.

As I allow the Holy Spirit
to speak through me....
things appear in written form
that I could never speak on my own.
My longhand journals....
will outlast the digital world.
Long after the destruction
or the silence of
the free world wide web
of communication....

My journals will still speak -
long after I'm gone..
but more importantly...
they will still have voice
even after...
Jesus returns for His church.

As a fellow blogger shared...
"Jesus will not muddy His Bride"
I'm with her, and many others
who believe Jesus will return
for His faithful followers
before the 7 year Tribulation.

I'd rather be prepared
than wrong!
If I'm wrong...
and we do go through
all or part
of the Tribulation,
The Lord will empower
us to endure to the end,
if we keep our eyes
focused on the prize.

since we are surrounded 
by such a great cloud of witnesses, 
let us throw off everything 
that hinders and the sin 
that so easily entangles. 
And let us run 
with perseverance 
the race marked out for us"  
Heb 12:1

"He will also keep you 
firm to the end, 
so that you will be blameless 
on the day 
of our Lord Jesus Christ."  
1 Corinthians 1:8

It will be a hard road
for those unbelievers
who find themselves
'left behind'.


Whatever we leave behind...
as faithful believers
to help light the way...
for those left behind ...
is priceless in helping
even one person
to see the light of Jesus.

I feel an urgency today.
He has enlarged my vision...
to those 'left behind'.
There will be a given time
for those who still walk the earth...
to walk in the right direction.

One last 'appointed' chance...
to change direction...
and walk the provided path
to eternal life with the Father,
His Son, and all those
who have gone before...
those who were asleep in Christ.
or 'taken up' ...
before the 'Second Coming' of Christ.

Some of us only have today.
Tomorrow may find us in eternity.
Heaven is real...
Hell is real.
Choose this day,
while you still can.

Whom will YOU serve?

Life everlasting
with Jesus Christ...
the King of all kings ...
is eternal joy.










Make a run for God...

you won't regret it!

Hell is lasting damnation
with the father of lies...
Satan and his evil cohorts...
and all who refused
to live their life
in the forward motion
of eternity with Christ!

Fact is often stranger than fiction.

Time is of the essence...
are you headed
in the forward direction?
Are you focused
on the path before you?
Does the path
in front of you
seem narrow and straight
or wide and un-level?

"The path 
of the righteous 
is level; 
you, the Upright One, 
make the way 
of the righteous smooth."
Isaiah 26:7

Let him who has ears to hear...


This is what the Lord says...

I will lead the blind
by ways they have not known,
along unfamiliar paths
I will guide them;
I will turn the darkness
into light before them
and make the rough places smooth.
These are the things
I will do;
I will not forsake them. 
Isaiah 42:16

(The Parable of the Sower)
And some fell among thorns,
and the thorns grew up,
and choked it,
and it yielded no fruit.
And other fell on good ground,
and did yield fruit
that sprang up and increased;
and brought forth,
some thirty,
and some sixty,
and some an hundred.
And he said to them, 
He that has ears to hear, 
let him hear.
Mark 4:7-9 

Whoever has ears,

let them hear
what the Spirit says
to the churches.
To the one who is victorious,
I will give the right
to eat from the tree of life,
which is in the paradise of God.   
Revelation 2:7


Luke 1:78-79
...because of the tender mercy of our God, by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven....to shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace."

Luke 3:5
Every valley shall be filled in, every mountain and hill made low. The crooked roads shall become straight, the rough ways smooth.

Acts 26:18
...to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me.

Ephesians 5:8
For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light

Matthew 13:14
In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah: "'You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving.

Isaiah 29:18
In that day the deaf will hear the words of the scroll, and out of gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind will see.

Isaiah 30:18
Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!

Isaiah 30:21
Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."

Isaiah 32:3
Then the eyes of those who see will no longer be closed, and the ears of those who hear will listen.

Jun 9, 2013


"I can't do this!".....I cried. 

" This is chaotic...

I can't do chaotic! 

It makes me chaotic. 

I need peace inside of me...

that's why I live alone!"


My mind was weak. 

My vessel was empty. 

I was overwhelmed with the task.....



May 30 was my first day
back to work as a 'Nanny'.
My first day after 10 days off
with my granddaughter
who lives out of state.
It was my first day with ALL 4 kids.
The 2 littles and I had settled in,
but with summer here,
we need to blend
the 2 older siblings into our day.

I cried out to the Lord...
at the end of the day,
"I can not do this in my own strength.
I need YOU to do it through me."

My mind was weak.
My vessel was empty.
I was overwhelmed
with the task of managing 4 kids...
Ages 2, 4, 8, 10.
The age span was too difficult
to meet individual needs
and address each heart's desires.

"I can't do this!".....
I expressed to their mother.
" This is chaotic...
I can't do chaotic!
It makes me chaotic.
I need peace inside of me...
that's why I live alone!"

On my drive home....

I released my heart's cry to the Lord. 

"Help me Lord!
Please help me know
if I am to continue
in this nanny position.
If it be your will...
I know you will help me
be victorious
in this difficult situation.
But right now....
I just want my life back!!"

The following ....was devotional for that night  ...
which I was too tired to read...
til the next morning.
The title alone was as if I heard the Lord say...

"Please STAY ...I'll help you!"

May 30 - 2013 edition of 'Sweet Dreams' ...
a nightly devotional...
by Morris & Theresa Cerullo.

"I'll Help You"
"I remember sitting at the kitchen table one night feeling almost overwhelmed by a project I was faced with. Just as I was about to give up and go to bed, the Lord's still, small voice" spoke to my heart and said, "I'll help you."

I knew then that it is never His will or intention to have us struggle through; our work alone. He's always there to help and empower us, if only we'll let Him. 

What about you? Have you given up on something today and gone to bed discouraged or in despair? If so, meditate on the following scripture as you go to sleep. "...do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand... For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you" (Isaiah 41:10 and 13, NIV).

Let Him take hold of your hand right now. Determine in your heart that before you tackle that huge mountain of work facing you tomorrow you will stop and invite Him to help. Allow Him to carry the load and rejoice in the victory together?"
Cerullo  6/1/13

The Lord and I have had
4 more days since that first chaotic day.
each day has been more relaxed.
People are praying for me
to discern God's will
in this scenario of work & purpose...
and the lives of these young children.
I feel the support! Thank you!

Our WORK and our PURPOSE
aren't necessarily one in the same...
but they can be.
I desire to be working within my purpose.
Work is a discipline...
a given task.
Purpose is a predetermined goal.
Without Purpose, our days can deceive us.

PURPOSE  has a lot to do 



God doesnt waste anything.
No trial
is useless to God.
No amount of weakness
weakens God's strength
towards His children.
No 'bunny trail'
deems us lost to Him.
No problem,
no enemy,
no circumstance
is too big for God.

He has a quiver full of arrows....
and He never misses His mark.


So...if you find yourself at a crossroads....
feeling attacked in a certain area....
consider the Lord's LOVE for you.
His way will NEVER lead you into harms way...
without His covenant hand
of protection upon you.
His way is the ONLY way to peace.
The ONLY way to true purpose.

So Make A Run For God! 

You Won't Regret it!


If you find yourself going in the wrong direction...
do an about face
and seek His Face. His Will. His Way.
Trust Him with your life.
Turn everything over to Him.
Make a practice of asking Him
about everything that concerns you.

He is the giver of FAITH. 

Scripture says..
Everyone has been given a measure of faith
according to His given purpose in us.
Faith and Purpose go hand in hand.
If your faith is weak...
ask Him...
the perfecter of our faith...
to strengthen you with more faith.


When I left this family's home
this past Thursday...
the oldest...a 10 year old  boy ...
got off the couch
to give me a hug!
A 10 year old boy...
the only boy with 3 sisters...
actually hugged me.

At this precise moment...
with Jacob's arms around me ...
his head pressed against me....
Wounded soldiers came to life...
and I heard the words of my own 30 something son...
in the immediate resources of my spirit....



Choked with emotions ...
I pondered the simple words
my son had texted me on Sunday
after my first 'chaotic' day back.
I had asked for his prayers.
brought an instant witness in my spirit.
These were more than words.
I knew it the minute he spoke them over me.


On the long 35 min ride home ...
Tears flowed
as I was reminded
that I have been CHOSEN.
In an instant...
HOPE came to life.
STRENGTH was renewed
like the eagles.
PURPOSE was ignited.


I head the Lord speak into my PURPOSE...
the current leg of my journey
with the LORD of my life.

"I AM the I AM of your days. 
I AM the same yesterday as today. 
I AM the God of Abraham...
Isaac...and Jacob.

Jacob has always been mine. 
I knew him...as you...
before he was born.
I wove my purpose
into his life. 
The DNA of Me and My Father 
run through his veins. 
He was chosen
to be the first born son 
of his mother and father....
the big brother...
of his 3 sisters. 
I have blessed YOU 
to be a blessing to my Jacob. 
Pray fervently for this young boy...
that he may walk full faced 
into my purpose for his life. 

And ...
if you TRUST Me 
with YOUR days...
My Jacob 
will most definitely be 


The familiar chorus ...
that the Lord wrote
into my spirit back in 2007
when He spoke the words
and gave me the melody
at the same time...
sprang forth into song.

"That's why I'm walking
Into the light of Jesus
My one and only
J E S U S.

Triumphant HOPE

I worship Him
I worship Him

My ONE and ONLY...
J E S U S!"

Sweet Jesus....

I CHOOSE to remain in your presence, Lord.
"Take my life and let it be...
consecrated Lord to thee.
Take my heart and make it new...
always only all for YOU!"
Father, thank You
for your continued guidance
for being concerned
about everything that concerns me.
Continue to lead me
and work with me in everything I do.
Fill me and cause me to be a willing...
yielded vessel...fit for Your use.
I surrender all my days....
my comings and my goings...
to You O Lord.
Turn any works of my flesh
into works of Life through You!
As the psalmist cried out
"establish the work of our hands for us..."
I too cry out
for your intervention in my life
and those you bring
into my circle of influence.
Today, I praise You
for establishing the works of my hands
for this young family.
You are the I AM of my yesterdays...
my tomorrows...
and my today.
Keep me close Lord.
May the dust of your sandals
settle upon my feet,
as I follow you
to the ends of the earth.

In your precious name
I pray

Your love struck obedient servant


Related Scriptures:

Run with Perseverance
Heb 12: 1-3

1 Why seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which does so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, 2 Looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. 3 For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest you be wearied and faint in your minds. 

God NEVER misses His Mark
I Kings 22 : 34-35

But someone drew his bow at random and hit the king of Israel between the sections of his armor....and that evening he died.

Establish the work of our hands..
Psalm 90:17

May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us-- yes, establish the work of our hands.

Each one a measure of Faith..
Romans 12:3

For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.

Ask....and it will be given you..
Matt 7:7

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Make a Run for God..
Psalm 2: 12

But if you make a run for God—you won’t regret it!

Walking in PURPOSE
Proverbs 13 : 12

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

May 5, 2013

The Holy Spirit woke me up ... in the grip of satan.

I dreamed for some time....I remember an issue with the door to the garage. Something about it not being secure. Checking it constantly ...as if there were a reason to be vigilant. Then....I look down the hallway​. I hear and see at the same time....the potential danger was here NOW!

The Holy Spirit had put up a blockade...by placing a black bench in front of the door.( at least I was surprised to see it in place...I didn​'t remember doing it). But I saw the hand reaching through the opening...between the wall and the door. I saw red material.

I knew I was in trouble. 

There was no time to think. ​He busted in with a vengeance.... Huge bald man. White muscle shirt. ( and yet....the Holy Spirit let me see red just before the STRONGMAN entered). He came at me with a growling and grabbed me ....picked me up like a sack of potatoes. I resisted. I screamed. I kicked. He held me firmly in the grip of FEAR!

The Holy Spirit woke me up 

in the grip of satan.

I am an avid and consistent dreamer. I have faithfully recorded my spiritual dreams for the past 11 years. So immediately ....in reality...I saw the intruder as the STRONGMAN and thus the devil. This was a huge note to self kind of thing. BEWARE!!! I prayed against his mighty intentions towards me. Then the Holy Spirit reminded me that my sister was fearful of the prognosis over her condition. The news of a possible 3rd back surgery. Understandable! 2 botched surgeries and a third one for the same thing???

It was clear that the STRONG ​MAN ...

was trying to get to me....so as to break my focus and my strength of faith and prayer vigil over her life. The enemy has reason to come after me...I've placed her on 5 prayer chains!​ Less than a week ago ... I asked my Bible Study girls to pray for a creative miracle....that the Lord would  create 3 good disks where there is none - and to take the pain away.

I knew from the beginning that the STRONG MAN would fight against this bold request. Somehow, I knew this was an attempt against my life for taking authority over the curse of infirmity that seems to follow my sister.

So early this morning...I took authority over him! I asked the Holy Spirit to keep me STRONG! To keep my sister STRONG. To fight for us. To intercede for us. To cover us...to fortify us and hide us in the cleft of the rock.

HIS PEACE came over me...


I was reminded of the scripture in Mark 3​:27 where Jesus is accused by His family and Teachers of the Law...of having an impure spirit. Verse 22 reads.. " “He is possessed by Beelzebul! By the prince of demons he is driving out demons.”

So Jesus called his disciples together....to teach them about that which He had called them to...in this instance...casting out demons by a HIGHER AUTHORITY. This HIGHER authority ... which was given Him by the Father...was given to His 12 appointed disciples. (and ultimately all who have accepted and do the will of Christ Jesus)

23  So Jesus called them over to him and began to speak to them in parables: “How can Satan drive out Satan? 24  If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. 25  If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. 26  And if Satan opposes himself and is divided, he cannot stand; his end has come. 27  In fact, no one can enter a strong man’s house without first tying him up. Then he can plunder the strong man’s house. 28  Truly I tell you, people can be forgiven all their sins and every slander they utter, 29  but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; they are guilty of an eternal sin.”

And then verse 30 explains ...

30  He said this because they were saying, “He has an impure spirit.”

I knew it was just the enemy's attempt to rock my faith . But I was prepared. I had just asked the Lord...yesterday...for an extra ordinary measure of faith...the Faith I used to have...the faith that moves mountains....the Faith that doesn't lose sight of what He had showed me in the spiritual realm.

While making coffee this morning...
after the dream, 
I heard this male House Finch 
singing at the top of his Joyful heart. 
I took this shot through the kitchen window...
screen and all.
He is perched on the highest branch 
of my Plum tree... 
3 stories high! 
The brown beneath him 
is the adjacent condo's roof. 
He sits atop the only branch 
that is loaded with buds... 
and balances at the very tip of the branch. 
He's 'out on a limb' you might say. 
I named him 'COURAGEOUS'




















3 created disks in my sisters back. 


If the Lord let me see it...
shod me with the shoes of boldness  -
to share it with my prayer buddies...
I'm BELIEVING It is done!
in Jesus name!



I choose to go deeper. I choose both... to KNOW HIM...and BELIEVE HIM. To KNOW that in Christ....all things are possible. I choose to BELIEVE ...that He IS who He says that He Is. God wants us to not only KNOW Him...but to BELIEVE Him. It gives Him great satisfaction to see our boldness....our stretched out faith. Our bold believing ....in the face of the STRONG MAN...enlarges our territory....and keeps the STRONG MAN off our  land!

I'm interceding for my sister. 

We have homestead rights together....


Last week...before the reading of her  MRI...when I asked the Bible Study girls to pray with me...BELIEVING God for 3 created disks...some admittedly said yes...with reservation. "I can pray for that...but...I ...don't think I ...can pray...believing...expecting Him... to do that."

This is indeed an exercise...a lesson in FAITH....for all  of us! But 3 disks is what they removed 2 years ago and replaced with a cage. within the same year...she had to have another surgery to fix the slipped and bent cage. When I made the request of God, I had no idea that the '3' would need to be multiplied to 6 in less than a week.


for 6 created disks??

He can create 3...

3 more is just a double portion!

A Mirror Image of the first miracle

She mentioned to me just 3 weeks ago...that she hadn't had a 'pain free' day...in 3 years.
Now...we hear the prognosis. The 3 bulging disks right below the cage.  The #3 is significant. We are praying for 3 new ​disks.​..and now she needs 3 more. 3 were removed...3 years ago. The # 3 means to conform: obey; copy; imitate; likeness; witness; Divine fullness; Godhead; Triumph; Resurrection.

I'm praying .....
for total restoration...
for my sister.
7 X what the devil has stolen!!
I'm bold enough
to ask the Lord Jesus for....


Will you join me?

As I pray over this ​final ​moment before clicking the PUBLISH button. I glance over to the wall and for the first time ever in my life...I see a halo of light reflecting above two items on my wall - 3 horse heads grouped together....and a single Butterfly placed just inches from the horses.  I blink to clear my eyes. The halo's remain. I blink 2 more times...still the same... and then they fade away.

Weeping overcomes me as I realize...the 3 horses represent the Holy Trinity...that is what I call them.  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Butterfly represents transformation...RESTORATION as God created. The two go hand in hand!

I am instantly reminded of Bishop Joseph's Gallinger's quote that came to me while in the seasonal desert...of that far away land ... Arkansas.

" Weeping is a place
of redemptive work
that strength
can never take you."

​Weeping brings healing...​

Psalm 126:5
​Those who sow with tears
will reap with songs of joy.

​Psalm 30:5  ​
For his anger lasts only a moment,
but his favor lasts a lifetime!
Weeping may last through the night,
but joy comes with the morning.


Because happiness just isn't enough!


What are YOU BELIEVING for?
Make YOUR request unto God...
for scripture says ...
It is by your own faith
that you stand firm.

If 1 can slew a 1000
then 2 can slew 10,000.

May I come together with YOU
in prayer
and so share
in YOUR fullness of JOY?


Touch Your People Once Again...

We need wisdom we need power
And true love for each other
We have had so many big but empty words
So we come before Your face
Asking for Your grace
Bring Your people to a state of kingdom life
Restore Your church again

Touch Your people once again
With Your precious holy hand, we pray
Let Your kingdom shine upon this earth
Through a living glorious church
Not for temporary deeds
But to restore authority and power

Let a mighty rushing wind blow in
Touch your people once again

Lord You see Your tired servants
And the broken wounded soldiers
Oh how much we need Your precious healing hand
We need the power of the cross
As the only source for us
When we stand up facing final battle cry
Restore your church again

Words and Music by Pelle Karlsson
Copyright 1983 Whitefield Music. 

Prayerfully submitted
His Warrior Bride in Boots

UPDATE 5/7/13 


JUST spoke with my sister. She knew people were praying for her, but she had no idea about my dream and this post...asking for you to join me in my boldness. This is the first words out of her mouth when we connected..." I feel so good today. I haven't had a day like this in over a year and a half.!" Then she proceeded to tell me everything  that she had done around the house already. Things she couldn't do or did not feel good enough to do. 

When I told about the many prayer warriors that are praying for her....she was overwhelmed. She says..'THANK YOU!' from the bottom of her encouraged heart. I say the same. I am encouraged that she is encouraged....please stand firm in your watch. God has a plan. I am so excited to see what He is about to release into her life! YES YES AMEN! I love you guys. You are such an awesome community!

Keep Your Quiver full...

Hide these arrows 

in your arsenal of Faith.

Psalm 12:5
Because the poor are plundered and the needy groan, I will now arise," says the LORD. "I will protect them from those who malign them.

​​Psalm 35:10
With every bone in my body I will praise him: "LORD, who can compare with you? Who else rescues the helpless from the strong? Who else protects the helpless and poor from those who rob them?

Psalm 51:8
Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones you have crushed rejoice.

Psalm 140:12
I know that the LORD secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy.

​Exodus 15:1
Who among the gods is like you, LORD? Who is like you-- majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?

Job 15:15
He saves the needy from the sword in their mouth; he saves them from the clutches of the powerful.

​​Proverbs 22:23
for the LORD will take up their case and will exact life for life.

​Jeremiah 51:56
A destroyer will come against Babylon; her warriors will be captured, and their bows will be broken. For the LORD is a God of retribution; he will repay in full.

​Ezekiel 39:10
They will not need to gather wood from the fields or cut it from the forests, because they will use the weapons for fuel. And they will plunder those who plundered them and loot those who looted them, declares the Sovereign LORD.

Habakkuk 2:17
The violence you have done to Lebanon will overwhelm you, and your destruction of animals will terrify you. For you have shed human blood; you have destroyed lands and cities and everyone in them.

Zechariah 2:8
For this is what the LORD Almighty says: "After the Glorious One has sent me against the nations that have plundered you--for whoever touches you touches the apple of his eye--

Ecclesiastes 3:3
a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build,

Isaiah 30:26
The moon will shine like the sun, and the sunlight will be seven times brighter, like the light of seven full days, when the LORD binds up the bruises of his people and heals the wounds he inflicted.

Apr 17, 2013

Billy Graham and Me Part 2 ~ George Beverly Shea ~ Now in the Presence of GOD

George Beverly Shea, Long-Time Billy Graham Associate, Dies at 104
Beloved Gospel Singer Teamed with Evangelist for More than 60 Years

George Beverly Shea singing at
a Billy Graham Crusade

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries 

ASSIST News Service (ANS) - 
PO Box 609, Lake Forest, CA 92609-0609 USA
Visit web site at: www.assistnews.net

E-mail: assistnews@aol.com

George Beverly Shea, 104, of Montreat, North Carolina, the beloved soloist of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), died this evening (Tuesday, April 16, 2013) following a brief illness.

Since George Beverly Shea first sang for Graham in 1943 on the Chicago radio hymn program, “Songs in the Night,” Shea has faithfully carried the Gospel in song to every continent and every state in the Union. Graham’s senior by ten years, Shea devotedly preceded the evangelist in song in nearly every Crusade over the span of more than one-half century.

Cliff Barrows, Billy Graham and George Beverly Shea singing together

According to a news release, Shea was the recipient of ten Grammy nominations, a Grammy Award in 1965, and was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Grammy organization in 2011. He was also a member of the Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame (1978), and was inducted into the Religious Broadcasting Hall of Fame in February 1996. Shea was also inducted into the inaugural class of the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists’ “Hall of Faith” in 2008. 

“I first met Bev Shea while in Chicago when he was on Moody Radio,” said Billy Graham. “As a young man starting my ministry, I asked Bev if he would join me. He said yes and for over 60 years we had the privilege of ministering together across the country and around the world. Bev was one of the most humble, gracious men I have ever known and one of my closest friends. I loved him as a brother. My prayer for his wife, Karlene, and his children, Ron and Elaine, is that God will strengthen them during this time.” 

George Beverly Shea with his wife, Karlene

Born in Winchester, Ontario, Canada, where his father was a Wesleyan Methodist minister, Shea’s first public singing was in the choir of his father’s church. Between Crusade, radio, and television dates in many countries, he sang at hundreds of concerts and recorded more than 70 albums of sacred music. At age 23 he composed the music to one of his best known solos, “I’d Rather Have Jesus.” 

“Even though Bev was 10 years older than my father, he never acted his age,” said Franklin Graham. “He was absolute fun to be with. Bev was one of the most gracious and unassuming men I have known. He was always encouraging and supportive, a man of deep faith and strong commitment to Jesus Christ.” 

Shea is survived by his wife, Karlene, and his children from his first marriage, Ronald and Elaine. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Erma, who died in 1976.
Ron, born in 1948 in Chicago, graduated from Trinity International University in Deerfield, Ill., in 1971. For more than 30 years, Ron has been an associate in Crusade ministry through the BGEA, assisting in preparatory work for evangelistic crusades involving Mr. Graham and more recently for Franklin Graham’s ministry. He is married to the former Cathy Ford. 

Details on the funeral service for Shea will be forthcoming. 

Visit www.billygraham.org  for additional information.  

If you would like to hear Dan's most recent radio interview with Bev Shea on Front Page Radio... please click here  

Thanks Dan for permission to republish this write up...and the mp3 radio interview. Precious to hear his voice again...and again.

posted by patrina


Apr 16, 2013

3801 Lancaster ~ Dr Kermit Gosnell's House of Horrors


These very words ... shouted out of Dr. Kermit Gosnell's own mouth...

as shared b​y ​a ​former Gosnell patient, Davida Clarke in the film project '3801 Lancaster'. Davida's account can be seen and heard in this film about the Women's Medical Society in Philadelphia, PA. Dr Kermit Gosnell's 'House of Horrors'. 

To view the film, seek help and hope....or share your story...visit 3801lancaster.com or click  here.

In Jan 2011 Dr ​Gosnell, 72, a Philadelphia-based abortion doctor, was charged with 8 murders - ​7 babies and 1 woman. His clinic had not been inspected - or visited- for 17 years.

​And...if you only tune in to broadcast t.v. news, you will have never even heard the name "Gosnell." According to an April 4 open letter demanding coverage of the Gosnell trial from 20 conservative leaders:

"Since the Gosnell trial began three weeks ago, ABC, CBS, and NBC have given the story ZERO seconds of coverage on either their morning or evening news shows. They have not covered Gosnell once since his arrest in January 2011, and even then, only CBS did so."

Why do you suppose that is?

The trial of the abortion practitioner has been so gruesome and vivid in its accounts of the late-term and live-birth abortions that it has shocked the conscience of the nation, despite a relative ​lack of media coverage​ outside of local media and conservative and pro-life news outlets.

Gosnell faces 43 criminal counts, including eight counts of murder in the death of one patient, Karnamaya Monger, and seven newborn infants. Additional charges include conspiracy, drug delivery resulting in death, infanticide, corruption of minors, evidence tampering, theft by deception, abuse of corpse, and corruption. Gosnell could face the death penalty if convicted and he faces a mandatory minimum 20 years.

If only ​walls could talk....

Davida Clarke became pregnant as a result of rape...her story from behind the closed doors at 3801 lancaster is as follows....

While laying on the table...Davida ​Clarke understandably ​decided against an abortion.

SHE CHOSE to change her mind!

SHE CHOSE to save her baby!


Davida tells ​Dr. Gosnell....

"I can't do this."

Her next words and actions - describe Gosnell's REACTION to her BOLD and timely CHOICE.

Davida shares .... as she moves both arms and fists up and down ... like she was swinging a gavel to pronounce a sentence...

"He starts pounding on ​my ​legs.....and saying over and over"....



Davida continues.... " I was outnumbered ... all these women came in the room at that time.... I was tied to the bed...and couldn't do anything. The next thing I know... I'm sitting in a chair with another girl beside me. I only know that I was very groggy and not pregnant. I was crying and asking for 'my baby'. They just ignored me."

​D​AVIDA CLARKE's  CHOICE  was ignored!​

Authorities searching the facility last year found bags and bottles holding aborted babies scattered around the building, jars containing babies’ severed feet lining a shelf .

It was reported that medical examiner, Dr. Gulino, spent five days just cataloging the containers of fetal parts. He also examined ​feet and ​'lower extremities 'found in 'see-thru' jars of formaldehyde belonging to five babies Gosnell killed. The ages of the unborn children ranged from first trimester to 22 weeks and the latter baby was possibly viable.

Severed feet...and lower extremities stored in jars of formaldehyde??

Does that sound odd to you?
What was his issue with feet and lower legs?

The human leg is the entire lower extremity or limb of the human body, including the foot, thigh and even the hip or gluteal region; however, the precise definition in human anatomy refers only to the section of the lower limb extending from the knee to the ankle.

I keep going back to Davida's story in the film '3801 Lancaster'. I can't dismiss her words ...can't stop seeing her raging arms and clinched fists... as she tries....years later to describe Gosnell's REACTION to her plea to SAVE HER BABY! 

Her words and actions... describe a man who became instantly ANGRY! Angry enough to POUND on her 'lower extremities' ...with both of his arms and clinched fists.....while shouting these telling words at her, as she lay tied to his table of mass murder...



Do you hear what I hear?

Do you hear his strange CHOICE of words....

Call me crazy.....but mark my words....

SOMEONE has don​e the same thing to him....at an impressionable age....

SOMEONE pounded on his 'lower extremities' and shouted at him ...



SOMEONE....SOME INCIDENT.... made Gosnell callous and angry enough... to literally .....without any sense of remorse or emotion ....bring horrible 'demise' to little babies.

As if he considered it his duty...his responsibility....his right....to take these little lives into his own hands....and pronounce his judgement against them!

HE LITERALLY acted out his own words
​on ​Davida Clarke.....and millions just like her!

He chose to STOP her fetus FROM BEING a viable 'LITTLE BABY'!

And then....

He saves those little feet and legs....as a reminder?...a victory?....a trophy?

Why else would he save them in jars of formaldehyde?

​He didn't save any other 'parts' so well preserved. ​It was reported to the jury today that Gosnell kept at least 47 babies in odd places at his clinic such as cat food jars and other containers.

And yet... he preserved severed feet and lower extremities in jars of formaldehyde ...lined on a shelf!

God forgive us for allowing this #*)! to go on for 17 years right under our noses.

I want to make myself perfectly clear here... Every single baby that this frame of a man murdered... in or out of the womb.... is in the hands of God.  


"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."  ~ 2 Chron. 7:14

Check out My son-in-law, 
Pastor Toby Logsdon's book on Amazon ...
The truth about life in the womb


"HEAR The Word of The Lord"



Prayer Changes Things

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” ..... Romans 12:12





He is the LORD, The 'I AM' over our yesterdays ~ our today ~ our tomorrow

Elohim: The All-Powerful Creator

Jehovah: The Self-Revealing One

Adonai: The Owner of All

Jehovah-Jireh: The Lord Who Provides

El Shaddai: The Almighty Sufficient One

El Elion: The Most High Ruler

Jehovah Nissi: The Lord’s Banner of Victory

Jehovah Shalom: The Lord Our Peace

Jehovah Mekadesh: The Lord Who Sanctifies

Jehovah Rophe: The Lord Who Heals

Jehovah Tsikenu: The Lord My Righteousness

Jehovah Robi: The Lord My Shepherd

Immanuel: God With Us