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Feb 10, 2013

Billy Graham & Me ~ Part 1

“Chicken Soup for the Soul: Billy Graham & Me,” (Steve Posner and Amy Newmark)  will be distributed through Simon & Schuster, and released Feb. 12, 2013.

The book is a one-of-a-kind anthology containing personal stories from world leaders, including every living president, celebrities and the people who know him best.

A. Larry Ross, who has who has been serving as director of media/public relations and principal spokesperson for Billy Graham since 1981- wrote the foreword for this book.

Larry writes....

"Since 1993, Chicken Soup for the Soul one of the world’s most iconic, recognizable and trusted brands, renowned for sharing uplifting stories -- has inspired readers all over the world with more than 500 million copies of its 250 or so titles, translated into more than forty languages.

But the book you hold in your hand is unique and unprecedented, marking the only time in its twenty-year history that the Chicken Soup for the Soul series has focused on a single individual -- evangelist Billy Graham. Regardless of your familiarity with Mr. Graham or your identification with his message, more important than the person are the transferable principles by which he lives his life.

Billy Graham faithfully preached a timeless message in a timely way at the intersection of faith and culture. He put the green grass of the Gospel down low where “even the goats could get it,” showing how the Bible speaks to personal and societal problems, and always providing an opportunity for audiences to respond by making a personal faith commitment.

Just as Billy Graham’s influence and impact transcends religious, racial and political boundaries, so does the list of contributors to this volume as they reveal and confirm his place in history. Prominent Christian pastors, leaders from other faiths, celebrities, heroes, regular citizens -- and remarkably, every living U.S. President -- collectively document the effects of Mr. Graham’s worldwide ministry over more than six decades.

Contributors include a sheer diversity of leadership representing myriad professions, geographical locations, political persuasions and faith traditions, all of whom coalesce around the common denominator of utmost respect for one individual --including those who do not share his perspective or worldview.

Considering the current polarization and politicization of our nation, it is extraordinary to have voices from all walks of life, representing a full spectrum of ideology and methodology, joined in praise for an inclusive Christian leader known for unwavering conviction in a biblical worldview. During this arguably unparalleled period of divisiveness in America and our world, there is, perhaps, no other individual who has been able to unite diverse people like Billy Graham has."

Larry  honored Mr Graham as an icon of utmost respect... 

 Contributors... "...coalesce around the common denominator of utmost respect for one individual -- including those who do not share his perspective or worldview."


Quoted contributors from the book....

President Obama describes Billy  “a man whose faith had changed the world and had sustained him through triumphs and tragedies, movements and milestones, who was warm and welcoming to all. This man who had prayed great prayers that inspired a nation, this man who seemed larger than life, greeted me and was as kind and gentle as could be.” 

President Obama 
with Billy Graham 
at Mr. Graham's home 
in Montreat, North Carolina

“I was captivated by Billy, he had a powerful presence, full of kindness and grace, and a keen mind…In his gentle, loving way, Billy began to deepen my shallow understanding of faith. ‘There’s nothing wrong with using the Bible as a guide to self-improvement,’ he told me. ‘Jesus’ life provides a powerful example for our own. But self-improvement is not really the point of the Bible. The center of Christianity is not the self. It is Christ.’”   ~  President George W. Bush

 “He was constantly broad-minded, forgiving, and humble in his treatment of others, He has reached out to all people – black or white, American or foreign, man or woman – for opportunities to serve God."   ~  President Jimmy Carter

"I know Billy’s crusade didn’t abolish racism or the periling vestiges of segregation, But he showed us that by following our faith we would move the rock up the hill…that faith is Billy Graham’s great gift to the world.”  ~  President Bill Clinton 

Billy Graham with three 
former presidents
George H.W. Bush, 
Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton
Billy Graham Library - 5/07

“The spiritual generosity that Mr. Graham preached celebrated a universal message of love and compassion that people of all faiths can embrace.”~  Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan

“When he walked in the room that day, I could definitely feel the presence of God, It feels like strength, it feels like peace, it feels like respect, and it feels like love."  ~   Pastor Joel Osteen


You are invited to use the comment section below to describe what Billy Graham  - the man - and/or his ministry as a Christian Evangelist has meant to you. I will be addressing his impact on my Life in Part 2 of this post 'Billy Graham & Me'. 

Thanks for taking the time to honor Billy with your words. 


A portion of the proceeds  
from “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Billy Graham & Me,” 
will be donated to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

 My Thanks is given to ...
SOURCE - Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

‘Chicken Soup for the Soul: Billy Graham & Me’ 
Receives Authorization from Billy Graham to Create Unique Tribute



  1. As usual you have filled our mind with the constant of Jesus's love....through such a marvelous man used by God so powerful with such simplicity of Truth....I pray our Nation awakens... Thank you again and again....I will write soon....

  2. Hi Patrina,
    I have to say that I did not know a lot about Billy Graham's ministry, only that he was a prominent evangelist who was well spoken of. I never actually heard him preach. It is good when men speak well of a person though, the best comment comming from a person's master as in 'Well done good and faithful servant...'
    God bless you

  3. When I became born again, Billy Graham books are amongst the first Christain Literature I read. I learnt a lot from his teachings.
    This is my firts time of hearing about this particular book. Looking forward to read it and also your own testimony.

    p.s Thanks for always visiting my space :D

  4. sorry for the error...meant, 'were' amongst..

  5. Billy Graham has been tied with our family from my earliest memories. He and my dad were dear friends, and dad was one of the first he called to pray before the first crusade God called him to inn Los Angeles. So many of his generation, including my dad, are already in heaven, and my heart will both hurt and be blessed when Billy goes home' too. This brings back many memories for me...

  6. We are downsizing and in cleaning our boxes of papers past and we found an old (1960's?, I don't have it in my hand...)article in the Miami Herald featuring several men who were touched by Billy Graham!! One was the Uncle of my husband, Bill Meadows who was a faithful man in his walk with the Lord, he had a huge affect on the hearts of others coming to Christ. He was a prominent lawyer, an "old time" Democrat, ran for Attorney General during the 60's, had an appointment from Pres.Kennedy, was honored along side John McCain in Washington D.C.,for his servant heart and who in his later years defended the un defendable....I am sure his goal was sharing Christ with them, as we have letters to the effect. He died in somewhat poverty with many not able to pay him, but he lives a glorious life now with the Lord! We have cherished memories of his unselfish faith!!

  7. Bill Meadows ,above, wife was as cherished. Her name was Evelyn (Ebbie) Meadows, also touched by Billy Graham and loved him so! I never met a couple who loved the Lord more than those two!! I was a young married woman who got to be in their family and they were key in my life!!! They carried on what Billy Graham so graciously shared!! The Meadows are with the Lord now.

  8. I have loved Billy Graham since I came to know Christ on January 30th, 1970. He was instrumental in my hearing of the gospel and understanding it in its simplicity. His preaching allowed me to KNOW that a relationship with Jesus Christ was absolutely necessary in order for me to be saved from my sins and to enter Eternal Life through what CHRIST completed on the Cross of Calvary on my behalf. I have watched crusade after crusade on TV in the past and never got tired of hearing that fresh Word of God preached with such richness and vigor and yet simple enough for a child to understand!

    I owe my life to Jesus Christ for saving me - but I owe another part to the great man of GOD - Billy Graham, beloved of the Most High God!

    Thanks for sharing this tribute to him.
    I'm so glad he explained to me the consequences of this verse:

    Romans 6:23
    For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of Life is Eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

    Praying that anyone reading this verse will never miss the word: "but"...

    My life was changed to: FOREVER with GOD!

    Choosing Great JOY in celebrating the Life of a great man of God!


  9. I'm an ardent fan of the Billy & the late Ruth Graham. Their lives & ministry have been such an inspiration to me, especially in light of their very public exposure.

    I've been reading his book, "Nearing Home". What a blessing.

    I love the way you've honored him here.


  10. Hi Patrina,
    just passing and wanted to say 'Hello', hope you are well.


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