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Nov 23, 2014

Judges - A Bible Study

To my son (SIL), Pastor Toby Logsdon

You are becoming a great preacher.
A voice for these times.

I love your bold approach to how scripture applies to our current human condition. You are the only preaching I listen to as I can be assured that you will not sugar coat the scripture but instead ... make it come alive as never before for me. You help me see the value of individual stories throughout the bible... because you apply it to this day and this generation. Proof that the  bible is the ultimate TRUTH. It's message never changes.

We are in need of a Savior and that Savior must be Lord of our lives.

You, my son are becoming God's strongly anointed mouthpiece for the masses....for such a time as this. I am so proud to call you son! This study in judges is one of your best. Your heart and passion for the lost....burns brightly. May God protect your voice as you continue to sound the alarm...

"People get ready...Jesus is coming soon."

Blessings to you and the family. Stay strong. Stay humble. Stay focused...fixing your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. I am praying for YOU! God has positioned you to be heard all over the world. The potential of your mission field overwhelms me. You are one of the few great preachers of our time! Carry on, my son!!!

I Love you!
Your mama

Toby Logsdon is pastor of a small church in Lynnwood WA. New Beginnings Church. Toby has been their pastor since Jan of 2011. I see the Lord's hand on this small congregation. Its humble beginnings speaks of how the Lord Himself clearly chose this spot on the map for His end times clarion call. The building that they worship in has a great history. In 1954, the church purchased an old school house and became Meadowdale Community Church. This building is one of the last (or possibly the only) remaining landmarks from Meadowdale's Pioneer days. This is the oldest one-room school house that they know of still in use from the Meadowdale School District. In 1922 Upper Meadowdale built this new school house, 1950 Meadowdale Union Sunday School began renting the building for $5 per week before purchasing it in 1954.

The church's humble beginning began with a man with a passion to teach children in the neighborhood about Jesus!  He went around in a van a picked up children to bring them to sunday school. Now days...that would be impossible unless they were affiliated with the church in some way.

I had the honor of spending almost 2 months with them this past summer. In that short time, the Lord downloaded many things into my spirit well. He showed me in the physical what He was preparing to do in the spiritual. This small church is a beacon for God's WORD. A refuge for the lost. A safe place for the wounded. A shelter in the time of storm.  I love Toby's verse by verse study of the scripture. Most pastors don't preach on Judges...but Toby tackles it with grace and mercy... without watering down the TRUTH.

TRUTH is what I seek.
I like how he gives me meat
not milk...
not a sweet tasting morsel
that goes down smoothly
without an aftertaste.

Toby fills his message...
God's message...
with so much meat,
that I'm left chewing for days.
In fact often, I go back to listen again.

I've decided to use my space here to document Toby's study on Judges. Todays will document the beginning study. The first chapter of Judges can be heard here

The entire study of Judges (currently in progress) can be found here



  1. Welcome back Dear Wonderful Child of God!! we will all get some meat to chew on now that you are back. So good!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. So good to hear from you my friend! Totally surprised that someone saw an update after my 9 months of silence. You have always been one my strongest encouragers. Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings to you and yours.

  2. It is not easy to face such trying times where prosperity gospel and watered-down truth seems to be rampant that many preachers use to attract people to churches to fulfill not the Savior's purpose but of their own selfish desires... How many are courageous to remain standing strong in His truth and please no one but the Lord alone? Even scarier are those preaching His Word but deep down inside doubt the Truth themselves? I am happy for your son who is being used as His instrument to be a reflection of His light and truth in this dark, evil place. May the Lord bless him and guide him with His wisdom and discernment and protect him and others in his church who labor selflessly for His Kingdom. It's good to hear from you sister and God bless you also.

    1. Good to hear from you too. I loved your comment. I know that you understand the condition of many churches today with the watered down gospel...or no gospel at all. Thanks for the words of blessing and protection for my SIL,his family and congregation...and also for me. Blessings to you and yours during this season of thankfulness.


  3. Welcome back ma'am! It's a privilege to hear about a man of the cloth who does not sugar coat issues! I look forward to reading about Judges from your SIL, Pastor Toby

    1. Thank you for the welcome! I don't know if I'm back ... I just had a definite feeling that I needed to post Toby's study on Judges....after listening to 3 sermons in a row on Sunday afternoon. Then after reading what Brenda commented about waking with the image of the flying dove in her mind and thinking of me...I now know that the compelling need to make a post was from the Lord. After my 9 months of silence here...He makes a 'comeback' with the book of Judges. I'm glad that I discerned His nudge and that I was obedient with an immediate post.

      I do hope you give Toby a listen.

      thank you so much for visiting, as always and blessings to you and the family at this thanksgiving celebration.


  4. Lovely to see you back Patrina, yesterday morning as I awoke I could see the flying dove in my mind and thought of you. Then I checked my blog and saw you had returned,. I was out all day yesterday and only been able to get back to my blog this afternoon. It is wonderful to hear of your son doing God's will as He ministers. The truth is the only thing that will remove the lie that is in false doctrine. There is power in the word of God and we must use the gifts that the Lord has provided in the body.
    God bless you.

    1. Brenda, that is so amazing that the Lord gave you the vision of the flying doves - which caused you to think of me. Were they the same flying doves on my site or some other vision of doves in flight?

      After my long 9 months of silence...the Lord turned you thots towards me. You didn't have to share that but you did. Because the Lord wanted me to know that He was already moving behind the scenes in the spirit...preparing minds...to know and do His will.

      Sunday I read a post about 2015 being the year of the Dove. I had not heard anything about this yet. When you shared the image of the dove coming to you...I went back a reread the post. I am already working on sharing that post in my next post.

      You never cease to amaze me with your Holy Spirit discernment. Thank for visiting and for sharing your vision. I am honored that the Lord visited you in such a way to bring us together again in spirit and in words. Praying for you, my friend. Blessings to you and yours at this blessed season of thankfulness.


  5. Hi again Patrine,
    the dove was exactly the same as the one flapping its wings beside this comment box. I believe I shared with you at one time on your blog that when I was in a church up in Lancashire and in a church in the last town I lived in I used to feel a strong power in my chest and I knew the Lord was giving me words to speak. There was a light so powerful that I felt if I opened my eyes I would be blinded. I have lived in Australia and when I was young and used to lie on the beach or relax in my garden the sun there was so bright and powerful even through closed eyes. That was no comparison to the light I used to experience in the church gatherings, and always within that light in front of me was a beautiful form of a dove flapping its wings exactly like the one on your blog, only it was shaded against the brightness of the light. Within those church gatherings the Holy Spirit used to operate in the same way as the original church with each using the gifts they were given. I saw wonderful things happen, including healings and the church grew from five people initially to over a hundred in a very short time. There is more attached to that story, but the message is 'never try to interfere with what the Holy Spirit is doing, we will lose out.'
    God bless you Patrina.

  6. Dear friend, I have missed your posts, and am so glad to see you are back. What a blessed mom you are to have such a surrendered preacher for a son in law. We need people like them today in the pulpit who will not speak words that only tickle the ears of the listeners, but will serve meat for the congregation to chew on for days, and for life giving spiritual nutrition. I am looking forward to studying the book of Judges from your notes. Happy Thanksgiving, dear one. Shalom!

  7. Just a quick visit today; and to tell you how much I appreciate your heart for solid biblical teaching! We live in troubled & troublesome times, for sure. Thank God we know Who's in control. May He come soon!


  8. I don't know how often you check this blog, but your comments on mine were such an encouragement. Thank you. Fun to be on your blog again!

  9. Dear Anita, As you can see, I do not check my blog very often. But, I also told you on your blog that I still pray for you when the Lord calls you to mind. Tonight was one of those times. I'm so thankful and also encouraged that the Lord used my words to encourage you :)Thank you for visiting.

    Totally hopeful and expectant for your healing ...in the mean time..trust His way. He will not disappoint!

    until next time...
    Patrina <')><


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