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I'll wait to see what God says ~ Habakkuk 2:1-2

Nov 13, 2009

The Broken Ones

This is a song on Guy Penrods CD "breathe deep". The original song is sung by Lauren Talley from the Talley Trio.

I love it because it reminds me of the time when Amy, from my daughter's "little women" doll collection, fell on the tile floor by the coal stove and broke her head. She was convinced that Amy could never be put together again & most certainly she would never be the same. But I assured her that Amy would be good as new after I got through with her. She just needed a little "operation".

My daughter loved her more,
because of her brokenness -
not just in spite of it!

She has always loved the broken ones! Just like her mama, we were made that way. Hard as we may try - desperate sometimes to just be normal - wanting to quiet the nudging of the Holy Spirit with in us, because we're too tired or too broken ourselves....

BUT we are first of all, children of the KING and "aint nothing or nobody" going to take that away from us! We were called to bring healing to the broken ones. Because of HIS shed blood for us, we too were redeemed from our own brokenness - and now we shine - no longer a diamond in the rough. Because of His willing heart and gentle touch, we now shine so that others might see what Christ has done in us, and longs to also do in them.

We are all broken -
in need of a willing heart
and a gentle touch.

The heart cry of the nations is to belong. I'm so thankful for my family. We belong to each other - not as a possession - but as an eternal heart song. And the Lord too rejoices over us with singing (Zephaniah 3:17) - for we belong to the family of God.

I dedicate my very first blog - ever - and my first "post", to my daughter, Kristina, my first-born. She has grown into a beautiful sensitive woman - a pastor's wife. How fitting that she would be called to that honorable position. God knew what He had planned for her life, before she was even born. "Operation Amy" was part of His plan to grow her in that direction.

Like Jeremiah, God knew her before she was even formed in her mother's womb. Jer 1:4 reads, 

“The word of the LORD
came to me, saying,”
and Jer 1:5,
“Before I formed you
in the womb I knew you,
before you were born
I set you apart;
I appointed you
as a prophet to the nations."

Continuing in Jeremiah 29:11
the Lord speaks saying,
"For I know the plans I have for you,”
declares the LORD,
“plans to prosper you
and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope
and a future."

This one thing I know for sure; we are most content when we are walking in God’s purpose for our life. It is the ultimate BELONGING!

I wish that secure feeling for you - the ultimate feeling of BELONGING. May you feel hugged by the wholeness of God.

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Elohim: The All-Powerful Creator

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El Elion: The Most High Ruler

Jehovah Nissi: The Lord’s Banner of Victory

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