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I'll wait to see what God says ~ Habakkuk 2:1-2

Dec 19, 2009

Silent - Holy Night

This picture caught my attention years ago. Saw it somewhere online and copied it to remember the stirrings that it awakened in me. Forgive me, I do not know who to credit for this image.

At first glance, I’m awestruck at the beauty of this framed pose. It’s a Christmas blanket of blessing all wrapped up in the purity of the moment - the untouched beauty of freshly fallen snow.

As I pondered it, I was pulled in different directions. This pose tells a story. There are probably as many stories as there are people looking at it right now. I wrote some prose to try and describe the deeper view that stirred within me.

Silent Night - Holy Night

It’s a simple solitary moment.
An intolerant North wind
dances glitter across my chin.
The mind abducts the body's chill,
from the cold, wet winter air,
as snowballs float in front of me.

I find myself desiring to free
Snowman from his winter post.
His amber heart beckons me.
He tries but fails to loose himself,
from those lines that keep him
tethered to the ground.

The unkind elements
Persuade him to submit,
to a force beyond his control.
His head droops in humble fashion,
at the winds’ mindless intent -
to wrestle him to the ground.

He’d relinquish to one -
But the other won’t give in.
Yet, he stands with purpose,
in winter’s solace playground;
amber heart aglow -
for those wanting to see.

His street side arena -
larger than his owner’s shack,
sports two empty chairs
hostage to the blowing snow.
Snowman stands un-noticed.
His struggles go un-seen

"He’s just another snowman"
someone says to me.
But can’t you see his light inside?
His amber heart aglow?
He stands to herald Christmas
even battling the snow.

He stands for Christmas Love;
For family and friends;
He stands content to wait,
and comes to life on Christmas night,
to celebrate the lowly birth,
of Jesus Christ our King.

His amber heart glows brighter,
with his mindful purpose near -
to herald Christmas Blessings,
in remembrance of Christ's birth-
on that silent, Holy night,
when God revealed His Son.
Copyright Dec 19 - 2009 ~ Warrior Bride ~Patrina <")>><

Happy Birthday JESUS!

Artist Penny Parker

Even Santa must kneel
to the King of all Kings

Psalm 2
Warrior Bride in boots

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He is the LORD, The 'I AM' over our yesterdays ~ our today ~ our tomorrow

Elohim: The All-Powerful Creator

Jehovah: The Self-Revealing One

Adonai: The Owner of All

Jehovah-Jireh: The Lord Who Provides

El Shaddai: The Almighty Sufficient One

El Elion: The Most High Ruler

Jehovah Nissi: The Lord’s Banner of Victory

Jehovah Shalom: The Lord Our Peace

Jehovah Mekadesh: The Lord Who Sanctifies

Jehovah Rophe: The Lord Who Heals

Jehovah Tsikenu: The Lord My Righteousness

Jehovah Robi: The Lord My Shepherd

Immanuel: God With Us