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Jan 24, 2010

Celebrating LIFE in the DEAD of Winter

Seasons come
Seasons go
but Life remains
on the inside
Anyone that knows me - knows that I have a 30 some year old collection of CocaCola. Mama was a "cocaholic". She began drinking Coca-Cola when she was 13. I rarely saw her without a glass of Coke. I began collecting Coke memorabilia when my own children were small.

But Seasons come and seasons go. Things change. Life is different. 7 years after mama's home going, I'm finally ready to let it go. I still keep a few choice pieces to remind me of mama. The rest is in boxes taking up space! :( But this post isn't about my collection of Coke - or my collection of blooming things. It's about experiencing Life as God has given. Living Joy through all seasons becasue of what He's chosen to share with me

Because of mama, I too am a gardener - a lover of plants - Inside and out. My daughter recently said, "You're the only person I know that can grow blooming things in the middle of winter."

I dug up my 8 hybiscus plants...
to rescue them from the killer frost.
They've been blooming inside all winter.

African Violet
is in full bloom...
with 10 blossoms and 32 buds
This is the second season for my
Manderville. It bloomed
inside until Thanksgiving
and is still green today

The Prized Orchid
now has triple blossoms...
with one yet to open.

The following plants haven't bloomed as yet.
I'll update this post with pictures...
when they bloom.

The Christmas Catus
has 3 shades of color.
It hasn't bloomed yet.
It seems to want to bloom

The above and lower photos are updated
shots when they did indeed bloom at Easter.

The Sweedish Ivy
that I started from cuttings
bloomed for the first time.
It was covered with the
most beautiful white
clusters of tiny starlets.

The Creeping Hoya
which I've had for 15 years,
blooms long stems with
tiny fuzzy like stars in a round cluster.
Strange looking blooms.

Moses in the Bulrush
tiny purple flowerets that sit
deep in the fold of the two leaves
that form a basket to cradle the blossom.

These make up only my blooming plants!

My Mother was raised on a farm, so she learned to care for the soil, the plants and the animals. I got my love for gardening from her. I have some of her hybrid Iris' in my garden now. I dug them up from her garden on Mother's Day last year. One bloomed that morning. It was a brilliant white with blended yellow laced tips and center. It brought tears to my eyes when I peered out her kitchen window and spotted it. I knew then, that I was to find room in my already fully packed car - for her Iris'. I dug them up in the rain.

It was the last day I was to ever be in their house. I had spent the 2 months prior - living in their house - to ready it for sale. Mama had already moved her residence to heaven 7 years earlier, and Dad could no longer live alone. The blooming Iris was a blessing from God that day - and a thank you from mama for the most tedious task I think I've ever had to endure. This lonely yellow laced Iris was representation for the ending of an era and the beginning of a new generation.

This is an updated picture of mama's iris in my garden May 1 - 2010. To see the Mother's Day tribute and more photos of mama's iris, please go HERE.

Later, a flock of what appeared to be gulls, flew over the house. (in the middle of Kansas) They circled around the house 3 times and then they were gone. There were so many of them, that their shadow cast a blanket of Grey over the entire driveway - where I was standing. I don't know where they came from, they just appeared. It was like a dance from heaven - for a job well done. I'll never forget the blessing of that day.

When the Iris' bloom (and I pray they do) this summer, they will take my breath away! And I'll remember mama, her gift of gardening - which she passed on to me - and the heavens dancing over me on that Mother's Day, May 10 - 2009. And... the sale of their house several months later - on Daddy's birthday.

Being a pastor's family, we used to have to sing in front of the church :( on many a Sunday morning. Mama played the piano and we'd gather round and try to harmonize. One of our family songs was "In The Garden". It is such a peaceful song, and always places me around that piano with mama. We haven't sung as a family for 40 years now, but it's as if it was only yesterday - in my treasured memories.

Mama's Garden

Yes, there will be an abundance of flowers and singing and joy! The deserts will become as green as the mountains of Lebanon, as lovely as Mount Carmel or the plain of Sharon.There the Lord will display his glory, the splendor of our God. Isaiah 35:2 NLT

Patrina <")>><


  1. Hi Patrina! I love your flowers esp the Violets...my mom also loves gardening,she has tried to get my interest.
    I've never heard 'In the garden' song but the words are beautiful.
    God bless you and have a great week.

  2. I love coke too..the flowers are beautiful..

  3. This post is so moving on many levels. CocaCola is my drink and I passed this delight on to my son, who loves them. When they changed the original recipe, I cried, then wrote them, then boycotted them. Finally, they brought Coke Classic back. Your flowers are amazing. My husband grew up on a farm and can grow anything. About the only thing I can keep alive over a period of time is orchids and I suspect it's because they're so forgiving and can tolerate many missteps. Yours is beautiful. All of your plants are beautiful. I'm sure it was gulls that visited you that day. Sometimes God sends us something so unique that we cannot help but see it. It is during these times that I love life the most. It's like He is saying, "Hey! Yes! I'm here and I love what you are doing." I know the words to "In the Garden" and was humming the tune as I read them. I've always sung in a church choir. I got my love of hymns from my grandparents who used to play Elvis gospels all the time. This is a wonderful post! Thank you.

  4. Those flower pictures are beautiful, and although I am not a Coke fan, (coffee is my vice drink of choice!) I DO love the color red. The combination of plants and Coke paraphernalia look great together!

    That is also one of my favorite hymns. i use to sing it a lot to our kids when they were younger.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Have a blessed week in the Lord.

  5. @ Tricia

    thanks for stopping by. Gardening isn't for everyone! Here's a link to "In the Garden" played on piano. It really is a beautiful song. Hope you enjoy it. thank you so much, my friend, for picking up the pencil to connect with me on the Bridge. I always enjoy your e-smiles :)


    God bless you too, dear heart.


    @ Krisno

    Thanks for picking up the pencil to scribe your sweet comment -coming from a great photographer as yourself! Things go better with Coke, they say. Myself, I don't drink soda - I drink water and coffee myself.

    Have a blessed week, my friend


    @ Jeanne,
    Always Nice to see you, my friend. Mom was devastated when they changed the formula too. She hated Pepsi. Too sweet she said. So glad to hear that you too grow orchids. Most people think that they are hard to grow. This one surviving one of about 12 - was dumped off a shelf and upheaved 3 years ago. It has survived and bloomed now for the 3rd time. All the rest - more fancy orchids - did not survive. I love watching them grow and bud and slowly open. And the blooms last forever. Also, how sweet that you know this hymn too. I miss the old hymns - they had so much promise and hope and encouragement written in the very fiber of their lyrics. They are engranined in my soul - etched in my spirit. I wake up with lines from a hymn in my head and it stays with me all day -sometimes - days. The Lord knows what I need before I even know I'm in need! :) and He often ministers to me through the hymns. I don't sing. Never sung in the choir, just as a young person with the family. I happen to have a very low voice and I could never sing Alto unless my sister was standing right beside me as the lead. I sing the melody but 10 octives lower mama used to say. :) Actually, I'm one note short of being able to sing bass! Again, that's according to mama. What a great heritage you recieved from your grandparents with the hymns. So glad that I could pull that memory out for you today. Thanks for the comment on the gulls. That fortifies it for me. It was just the weirdest thing. God knew I couldn't miss such a display of His magnificent Glory.

    Thank you so much for picking up that pencil, once again to brighten my day here on the Bridge.

    have a great week, my firiend


    @ Michelle

    Great to see you on the Bridge again, my friend and sister in Christ! As I was sharing above with Krisno, Coffee is mine perferred drink of choice too :) Glad to find another soul that is familar with the hymns. I pray He keeps it on your heart as you walk this week with Him. Blesssings for picking up that pencil and connecting with me here on the Bridge.

    Have a anointed week with the Lord

  6. Hi Patrina,

    Glad I was able to stop by and visit with you and I love your flowers. Blessings and peace!


  7. I enjoyed looking over your blog
    God bless you

  8. Love the first two shots of the hybiscus, and the orchid photos as well!

    The "In The Garden" song is beautiful. My dad wanted that played at his funeral, so we complied. It still brings a tear to my eye when I listen to it. It's been 17 months since he died.

  9. My green thumb does best with the silk versions!

    I don't drink much soda anymore, but Coca Cola is my all-time fav! It makes me think of Frankie Avalon, Dick Clark, Sandra Dee and an entire era that went so very well with it!


  10. I can understand the Coke thing completely. I just ended a fast from caffeine and the minute I got to taste a Coke, it brought the biggest grin to my face. Great stuff.

  11. Beautiful memories; while reading this, I was prompted in my remembrance of a favorite David Crowder worship song; it may not be your style, but I think, perhaps, you need the witness of it this night...

    Come and worship.



  12. beatiful collection of hibiscus flowers and orchids, these flowers are very common here in Malaysia (tropical) and hibiscus is our National Flower.

  13. Oh my God! I came to your blog this morning and saw my favorite Hymn of all time. I love altering books and this is the Hymn that I used one of my pages honoring my mother, " I go to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses, and He walks with me and He talks with me and He tells me I am His own." Please check out another blog that I absolutely love. She is one of my followers, Little Glimpses by Mystele, or just google her. She is a beautiful soul.

  14. This is beautiful and your collection of plants is so pretty and welcome at this time of year. I can grow flowers outside, but kill just about any plant I try to bring indoors...no good light for them and too cold. I love the story about the iris and the gulls flying over and it really caught my eye because May 10 is my birthday...I was born the day after Mother's Day. I have many things that remind me of my mother, too and they are all precious. God is good! I love the title of your blog, by the way.

  15. @ Lisa Shaw
    Thanks again for stopping by the Bridge. You are one busy lady.
    Blessings for picking up the pencil to connect, and for the positive pencil in God's hand on all of your blogs. You go Girl!

    @ Ron (Old Geezer) Welcome! Thanks for connecting on the Bridge. I enjoyed visitng your place as well. God bless you as you continue to share your testimony.
    May He bless you for being a pencil in the hand of God both here and on the Old Geezer's place.

    @ Shelly
    In The Garden was played at mama's Homegoing celebration too. It stirs up lots of emotion, for sure. So sorry of your loss. I still cry at moments. I don't think I'll ever stop misinig her. Thanks for stopping by the Bridge again, and picking up the pencil to connect. I look forward to seeing you soon. May God keep both our pencil's sharp and ready

    @ Sassy Granny
    Not everyone is a gardener - we all have different gifts. Nice to see you back on the Bridge and picing up the pencil to connect

    @ Luke
    I am so glad to finally see you on the Bridge, how long has it been? :) thanks for usinig that sturdy pencil to scribe your message at your site. May you continue to be blessed by God. Thanks for being a pencil today on the Bridge.

    @ Elaine
    {{{ e-hugs}}} for being an anointed pencil in the Hand of God everywhere you go - especially on your peaceful jouney at your place

    @ Yen
    How cool is that! I raise your National flower. Thanks for picking up the pencil to connect with me on the Bridge. I love your bird shots at your place. Isn't it great that God gave us all so many differnt talents to share/

    @ Brenda
    How sweet that you used the same song to honor your mother too. It is one of my favorites as you can imagine. I also visited Mystele's site. It was lovely too. I like all of your collages. I would like to see the one you did for your mother, is it on your site? Thanks so much for pickin up the pencil to connect with me here on the Bridge. I'm so glad that we connected. God bless you, dear heart.

    @ Mary
    Nice to see you on the Bridge. I love your Birds and just found your devotional @ The Journey. How very dilligent you are with your devotions. I used to journal everyday,as well - the things God was telling me and showing me. Taking care of dad this last years has kind of changed my routine. I miss all of that quiet time I used to have when I lived a lone:) Thank you for being so faithful with that pencil on your journey -it is a blessing to see it on my sidebar everyday. God bless you for all you do to share your God-given talents with your blogging community

    ~~ ~~ ~~

    Thanks so much to all of you for visiting my post - celebrating LIFE. I look forward to seeing you all again. God bless each one of you.

    Patrina <")>><

  16. Patrina, thanks for your comment on my blog, I'm excited about it to. Thanks for covering us all in prayer, I'm not a coke fan but your flowers are beautiful. Your writing is beautiful. I'm sure mama is smiling

  17. Believer,
    I'm certain mama is smiling too. Nice to see you on the Bridge. I am praying for supernatural healing in the month of Feb and beyond, May He open doors with our fevernt prayers.
    thanks for picking up the pencil to connect here with me.


    Patrina <")>><

  18. I have not seen so beautiful hibiscus before...

    The words of the song as so beautiful. It makes me think of taking a walk with God.


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