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~ I'll climb to the lookout tower and scan the horizon.
I'll wait to see what God says ~ Habakkuk 2:1-2

Mar 2, 2010


~ One KIND Word can warm 3 Winter Months ~

Thanks to all my readers
for gracing my place
with your face;

Your kind words :


I am honored to call you


Patrina <"))>><
warrior bride in boots


  1. *grins*

    I love that last line, "His watchman on the wall."

  2. @ Jaycee
    It was so good visitng your place today. Thanks for allowing me to speak. You have no idea what God is doing in me as I respond to Him through His platform for your life! Thnaks for connecting on the BRIDGE again and picking up the pencil to say so. I appreciate YOU!

    Blessings, FRIEND!
    Patrina <")>><

  3. I'm so glad I was able to help you get those DOVES to fly, girl!! Look at them all! Wow! I love it! They are HUGE!!!!!!The Spirit is ALIVE and WELL and working among believers' lives!!

    [[HUGS}} Stephanie

    PS: Thanks for being 'my' watchman on the wall!

  4. I am honored to call you friend. Did you get my email from a couple of days ago? So glad I am Not in that winter scene anymore. I may regret that thought when August comes!

  5. I for one, appreciate you loads Patrina. Thanks for allowing God to use you as a blessing to this generation. I appreciate you too. God bless your heart and grant you more room in it.

    - LDP

  6. What a lovely photo to go with your beautiful words! Thank YOU for being here.

  7. Tnx Pat & Jaycee for your uplifting words in my blog. I really needed it. Tnx for the prayers; I saw my husband kneeling & praying in my dream! I heard in Jesus name! You see, he is a muslim! The dream was so real! I woke up with a light heart & iam singing along with the worship song; YOU ARE SO FAITHFUL! Tnx a lot guys!

  8. I am truly honoured to be called your friend & to take your time out to pray for someone you don't know or met. Tnx 4 calling me beautiful because i had never seen myself as such! Iam just plain jane & phat! hehehehehehe. tnx it's good to be appreciated.

  9. You are wonderful PAT .Tnx & goodnight. sweet dreams.

  10. WOW!!

    I just love all of you!! Thanks for picking up the pencil and letting me know that you were here. Your connection on the BRIDGE just has a way of lightening the journey. I am filled with JOY at the abundance of His LOVE through all of you. Thank you for stopping by...now, I really must get to bed!

    Blessings for a NEW DAY, my friends

    Patrina <"))>><

  11. Oh my goodness, your new blog layout is beautiful!!! sorry I have been away for some time.

    Thanks for such a lovely post. You have been truly encouraging and amazing.

  12. Hey Trina!

    So glad our paths "Crossed"!! PTL!!

    Luv and Sweet Blessings!

  13. Dear One,

    You have been such a blessing to me in the short time that I have gotten to know you and I say, "Thank you to you as well and that I, too, am honored to call YOU friend."

    I love the doves!!

    Peace & Love,

  14. Hi Patrina, regarding the 'King's Kids' post, I wrote a children's book and my friend Jane illustrated it. I sent it to 7 publishers, but no one's interested. My author coach says it needs some work, and after I finish writing my devotional book, he'll help me with this one.


  15. THanks for your comment on my blog on wednesday & your concern over my well-being. I had overcome that depression & a CALM had descended on me as i write.Am believing & trusting GOD.Thanks to you & Jaycee.

  16. and thank you to you, too ... I appreciate the words you leave when you come to visit

  17. Hey! Thanks for stopping by mine.
    I'm now following you too!

  18. I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm sooooo Blessed by all of you. I posted this to bless YOU! - but I am Blessed by you kind responses.

    Thank you for taking the time to pick up the pencil to let me know that you also appreciate me. God bless you all.

    Welcome Enkay and Kareem (nitty-gritty). Samuel - nice to see you on the Bridge again - I have missed you!! S. Etole, you are so blessed and a blessing with your gift of words - woven around your beautiful photography. Deborah - Jackie - Alleluibelle - some of my latest friends - before Enkay and Kareem -I just want to say - thanks for stopping by to bless me with your kind words.

    God bless you all
    Patrina <"))>><

  19. dear patricia...thank you for your visit. yes, i was so taken by the story of mr. old geezer that i just felt that i wanted to put it on my blog for all to see who have never met the saviour yet. it is such a miraculous story, the story of being saved.
    i have added a hymn at the end of the post just now and hope that you will like it!
    god's blessings on you with christian love, terry[teresa]

    ps oh patricia..what a grand blog name you have!..just imagine, you are a pencil in the hand of god...he does all of the writing, eh?

  20. I see your comments around and they also motivate and encourage me. Thanks for sharing.

  21. dear patrina..so sorry i spelled your name wrong!
    as i am writing this comment i am listening to ray boltz as he is singing "i pledge allegiance to the lamb"
    oh it is even hard to write this because the song touches my heart so much!
    i will never forget that one time when the southern gospel quartets came to the copps coliseum in hamilton.
    when the dove brothers sang this song, there was not one of the audience who was not standing and did not have their hands raised and there were not many eyes that were dry.
    oh the wonder of it all patrina...even though we hated the lord and we were just as guilty as the ones who actually drove the nails into his Innocent hands and feet and hung him on the cross, he tells god, "forgive them for they know not what they do."
    what a blessed people we are!
    thanks for making it so that we could download this song!

    i don't blame you for excluding the anonymous..what i had to do a couple of months ago was moderate my comments and now when there is a bad anon, i just reject.
    that way my friends who don't have a blog and have to sign anon, then i can accept them!
    why anyone would not take advantage of having a blog, is beyond me!!...i LOVE blogging
    well, i have lsitened to the song five times...guess it is time to mosey on.ha!...........love terry

  22. @Terry
    Thanks for visiting the Bridge. Welcome. Glad that you liked the blog name and the song by Ray Boltz. Pretty powerful - it is. I grew up loving the gospel quartets. My mama's family was musical and she loved the quartets! Needless to say - I do too. Thanks for sharing you love for the Lord. and picking up the pencil to say so.

    @ Myne,

    Such nice words to hear - that I have encouraged you and motivated you. How cool is that? That makes my day! Thanks be to God for His grace that He freely showers upon me - day by day. Only by the grace of God could I ever have anything to say that would motivate or encourage.

    I appreciate that you picked up the pencil to share those kind words with me.

    God bless Patrina <")>><

  23. i love this!
    i would be glad to be your friends, that is if you say yes. I love edification from the word of God.

  24. Wow, my art looks wonderful on your page, like it fits there. I cannot believe it's mine!!

  25. I'm so happy to have you for a friend, Patrina!

    Hey, how did you get that dove? I looked on Photobucket, but I didn't see this one...

  26. Right back at you! Thank you for supporting my healing ministry and for encouraging me in His Truth.


  27. Hello Patrina! Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm happy to be you friend! I love your blog's title and I also love your beautiful name! I think we have quite a bit in common, and God bless you as you care for your father. See you again here soon!

  28. @ Tisha
    Welcome, Friend!

    @ Brenda
    They do belong here! Because I love you and I love God's work in you! Thanks for allowing me to post them here and I'm so glad that you approve! Thanks for connecting on the Bridge again, and I appreciate you picking up the pencil to let e know that you approve!!

    @ Deborah
    So, sorry that that dove didn't work for you. I'll try to find you another that you may like :)
    I love your stars currently on your blog! Clever touch ! I am so glad that you are in the neighborhood too. Looking forward to knowing you better. Thanks for connecting onthe Bridge and picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here.

    @ Darlene
    Thanks for visitng the Bridge again. I am honored to support your ministry! Healing and renewal is the game of life! I appreciate you picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here!

    @ Jacquelyn
    Welcome! So glad to have you follow. Thanks for your kind words. I think that your blog title "between the buns" is pretty cool too. I look forward to getting to know you on my stroll around the neighborood. Thanks for picking up the pencil and letting me know that you were here!

    Patrina <")>><

  29. Hi Patrina!

    I've missed you. You have been a blessing to me! Your words are such and encouragement.
    Love You!

  30. @ Tricia

    So nice to always see you've been here. I love your new profile pic!! blessings dear

    Patrina <")>><


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