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Sep 24, 2010

A Celebratory Day

Mother’s Love grows with each new season.
Time does not diminish its created purpose.
It goes with me - wherever I go,
Even into the fearful unknown”
© 2007 Patrina <”)>><

Today marks the 8th anniversary of mama’s ‘Home Going’ – to be with God in Paradise. I was writing another post to honor her home going - when the Lord deposited His signature on this ‘Celebratory Day’. I am in awe at His finite way of communicating to me. His precise timing is overwhelming. He causes my heart to burst with joyful song. He ministers to me in such tiny detail. I stand in awe of His personal knowledge of me.

Mama passed precisely at the 10 o’clock hour, in a hospital in Kansas. I was in Colorado preparing to phone her room, when she passed. For some reason, I decided instead to phone my sister’s cell. They were on their way back to the hospital, after spending the day searching for a LTC facility near mama and daddy’s home - to care for mama upon release. She had remained in a coma for 3 weeks since her sudden illness with viral encephalitis. They arrived just moments after her passing. It amazed me then of how God’s timing was so precise. His prompting to connect with her, at precisely the 10 o’clock hour, still blows me away.

Well TODAY – He did it again.

At precisely the 10 o’clock hour!

He sends this ‘Viceroy’ butterfly to my window – at the precise time I’m writing a post to honor mama. It flutters back and forth between my 3 bay windows. As if dancing, it makes it way from one to the other. I speak to it … “I see you, Lord! I see you”. “Thank you, Lord, thank you.” As it continues to dance in front of me, I step away to grab my cell phone from the table behind me, but when I turn back around, I couldn't see her anywhere. Not on my Hibiscus – not on my butterfly bush – nowhere. She was gone.

But God…there always seems to be a ‘But God’ in my stories

As I step away from the window, My eye caught her in the center of my stain glass ( a piece my big brother made for daddy – which hung in dad’s study for 15 or 20 years.) The Viceroy had landed on the window sill behind this stain glass. I had to remove the stain glass to get a better picture.

She Just sat there waiting.....

And then, she turned and looked at me

My cell phone wasn’t on automatic save so I missed her wave…when she folded her wings and touched a couple of times and then expanded them out again ….

Like she was ready to fly – and fly she did!

She stayed a whole 5 minutes on my window sill. Then she left as mysteriously as she arrived.

She came to dance…

on this precise day at precisely the 10 o’clock hour!

Did I cry? Yes, tears of JOY! Pure JOY. To think and ponder how deep and how wide is His Love for me - that He would make Himself so personably known to me. And not just today, but almost every day…if I have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Then the Lord had me Look up the meaning of ‘Viceroy’ – where did the viceroy butterfly derive its name?…...

“A Viceroy is a royal official who runs a country, colony, or providence (state) in the name of and as representative of the Monarch The term derives from the Latin prefix vice-, meaning "in the place of" and the French word roi, meaning king.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viceroy Viceroy’s usually rule for their entire lifetime.

Did I know this? No, but I know my King! He loves to surprise me with these little tidbits of information to further seal His ‘knowing’. He knows that I will see and He knows that I will ponder and seek – His intended message in His ‘gift’.

So this is how I interpreted this ‘suddenly’ … that rested on my window sill beneath the stain glass that came from daddy’s study.

This beautiful creature – created by the King – was sent to my window sill this day…at the precise 10 o’clock hour - in the name of Jesus – as a representative of Jesus – in the place and position of Jesus Christ my King! – to minister to my heart

- a simple tiny gesture that He chose to do – just for me TODAY. Because He knew I’d see.

He’s sent me butterflies before!

May butterflies flutter by your window sill this weekend to remind you of God's infinite and finite, transforming LOVE. Be blessed this weekend. He's waiting to speak to you - to show you the width and breath of His Love. See Him...Hear Him...ponder His greatness. Know that He is concerned about everything that concerns you!

PS: Have you ever noticed how the wings of a ‘Viceroy’ display a cross and an angel, with full expanded wings and a scalloped robe, at the same time? I just saw this today.

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  1. So nice to hear from you my dear friend, being incommunicado for weeks myself...so happy for you, can feel the love you have for your mum through the words & GOD'S way of telling us HE is always thinking about us....happy anniversary...am in a celebration mood also...my dad's birthday & thanksgiving is tomorrow...so grateful to GOD for HIS infinite mercy...may HIS presence never depart from us in JESUS name AAMEN.

  2. Yes, the Lord does reveal Himself to us in so many ways if we would take time to look. I loved the way you wrote this. It was beautiful.

  3. Sooo precious of God to do that for you!

    My journal title right now at this present day is called:

    A NEW DAY COMING = Butterflies Ahead!

    That's for you too since God gives all the titles for these journals!

    Sharing the Butterfly JOY with you,

  4. Oh my dearest Patrina, you never knew this but I just love butterflies! They always come to me at a time I want or need a fresh touch from God - and so I have come to look at them as a special messenger direct from His heart.

    So lovely this post of yours today. And the story you wrote, how that lovely Viceroy butterfly wanted to take time to connect with you - making sure you got the message!

    I know that your heart is bursting with joy after that encounter with God. And so is mine after reading your post.


  5. I love the butterfly incident. There are times when you just KNOW that it was His gift, for you!

    As to friendship... God has you in this season, for now... but not for always, and there will be many wanting to join up with you again down the road. I know how meaningful real fellowship is to you, and so does God. He made you to love interaction, and though it isn't happening right now so much... it will again!

    For today... the butterfly and the encouragement of your heart was His gift.

    You are also a gift, to me and to so many. Hang in there Patrina, and we will continue to pray for daily needs to be met.


  6. That was beautiful...... I am watching every day for the Father God to show up and assure me that my Mom and Dad are home safe and well.. I too am watching for my butterfly.......

  7. I can understand your tears of pure joy. God is amazing. He knows just how to speak to our hearts.

    This post of yours is so lovely.

    I also want to say a big thank you for the comments you have been leaving on my blog. Some made me bless God, some encouraged me. I really look forward to your comments.

    Happy 8 years in memorial. May God fill your heart with treasure memories of Mama.

  8. How amazing are His mercies!

    My mother moved from here to heaven in 1976, and I often miss her still. But a scene, or a scent (especially baking pie) brings her so, so near.

    Love the observations you made about the pictures on the butterfly's wings.


  9. What a beautiful post! So much to fill a heart full of His Love. My Mother as well passed eight years ago....when I find her hand writing, it speaks to me as comfort....she was not able to write for thirteen yrs before she passed, so I cherish all those written things from beautiful hand writing. Thank you for your precious and appreciated comment today on my blog...i am under attack, you know how it is, from the most unsuspecting sources ..although I don't know why it always surprises me! It makes me...for a short while, doubt myself and my worth and I begin to question and then I begin to remember....His perfect Love for us inspite of our weaknesses or flaws! I'm just amazed how He uses us inspite of ourselves! Thanks for the hug...hugs back to you!!

  10. dear patrina..i was so happy for your visit!
    i had a little sadness in my heart after i read your comment over at sonja's and i never knew that you haven't been posting lately because i haven't been either and have only visited a few blogs to read.
    i am glad that i came over to read this and wow!...did the lord ever shower you with blessings!
    imagine that butterfly looking right at you!..and maybe the good bye wave would have hurt, eh? so maybe that is why god wouldn't let the picture happen...after all, the next wave you will see from your mama is the wave of "hello, so glad to see you again my sweet daughter!"
    you know the lord really does use his creatures to speak to us...even the tiniest ones.
    i will never forget the night that the lord saved me and the relief of the wall of sin that he broke down. i was so helpless..i sure couldn't have broken it and it had been keeping me apart from god and heaven for 17 years!...
    i remember it was a warm night and the light inside was attracting the outside moths.
    the window was shut and they were trying with all of their might to get to the light...crushing their wings, banging against the glass. they SAW the light but it was impossible for them to get to it...this may sound silly patrina but i said to them right out loud. "oh you silly guys..the only way that you will ever get to that light is if somebody breaks the glass wall that is between you!"
    i think that the lord jesus then told me that this is what he had done for me!
    Ephesians 2:13-14

    13But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ.

    14For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us;

    i think that i will have to copy and paste this that i have told you because when it is my turn for the scarf sisters bible study posts, i will use it!
    mrs. mac is the lady that you write to if you would like to be one of the sisters...i am sure dear patrina that you will find them ALL kindred spirits!...god bless you this lovely lords day...love terry

    guess what patrina?..my crown of beauty is one of the sisters!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. bad enough i am a long winder and here i made the mistake of putting my comment in TWICE!
    sorry about that patrina...that is why i deleted it!..ha!..love terry

  13. what a timely and loving messenger and message ...

  14. God is indeed good! He always shows His love and concern through these little miracles! So beautiful!!!

    "Joy!" yes...that's His gift...That helps us get through even while going through life's storms.

    God bless and protect you sister.

  15. Awwwww. How this could have happened exactly at 10 O' Clock blows my mind away. Truly, God is mindful of us, and He shows us in several different ways, that is if we are observant enough.

    It's a wonderful thing that you've written this post for your mother today :)

  16. Oh wow, Our God is an Amazing God. How beautiful. What an awesome blessing!

  17. I have goosebumps! So often God speaks to us in the wind, the fluttering of birds and butterflies, the songs of the birds - and we don't notice. How this must grieve Him! He IS everywhere, speaking, smiling, reaching out. If we would just pay attention and look for Him, we would surely find Him!

    Beautiful, Patrina. I lost my mom too, so I'm right there with you...

  18. Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blow. I to am now following you. May you be blessed dear sister it is so nice to meet you!

  19. I'm glad that God has blessed you with this special message of comfort. I had not noticed those markings on the Viceroy and didn't know the meaning of the name. Thanks for the information!

  20. Patrina,
    I am just getting around to commenting on this touching post.
    I KNOW that God sends us signs and wonders that speak directly to our hearts. He's often used butterflies for me too!! So when I read this - my heart leaped with yours.
    What an awesome God to know just what it would take and exactly when, to assure you and bring you encouragement and joy.
    Hugs and blessings my friend.

  21. Hi Sister! I just saw your message on my last post.

    Please sit in a straight back chair and have someone hold your feet out in front of you. Then have the person in command your short leg to grow in the Name of Jesus! Have them hold your heels together until that leg has grown out. Keep me posted.


  22. My good friend, Beth, died of cancer last year. She loved butterflies. The day I left her home after my final visit with her, I found a butterfly beneath the wheel of my car--profound to me for so many reasons. I kept it, along with rose petals from her grave and was able to make it into a lovely display in a frame for her granddaughter who arrived in the world the day after Beth's funeral.

    This past weekend, while out walking, a butterfly lighted upon my shoulder and followed me for a long while. I thought of Beth and God and was thankful for the simple beauty of the moment.

    How I pray for eyes to always see the "obvious" ways that God chooses to decorate my world with his presence.

    Thanks for your continuing encouragement.


  23. this is beautiful...a gentle reminder of His care in the tough times.

  24. aw... what a beautiful messenger that God has sent you. I have heard a few similar stories involving butterflies and loved ones gone. It's quite mystical.



  25. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd

  26. Thanks so much Patrina for the wonderful message you left on my blog. I am so blessed to be connected once again with another Warrior Princess. Funny but on my other blog that I have on hold I named it Warroya's Windows as I too am a Warrior Princess.
    I was also so very blessed to read your account about your mom. Mine went home to glory coming up on 5years in November.
    Thanks following me as I follow Jesus I am following you back.

  27. Your thoughts have touched the hearts of so many. A lovely story of a gift that will keep on giving. I got goose bumps when you wrote about the buttlerfly turning to face you.Thank you for sharing it with us, reminding us of God's creative heart that trains us to stop, look and listen. And thank you also for stopping by.

  28. What a beautiful and magical moment! God knows exactly what we need and when we need it! He loves us so much!

  29. if we all had eyes to see, as you do, i imagine
    there are viceroys for us, too. this is so sweet
    and intimate.

    i love the c. s. lewis quote (i think) "he is the
    kindest One i know."

  30. I believe the more willing we are to trust Him, the more willing He is to show Himself. Blessings


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