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Mar 19, 2010

Dancing With God

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I never noticed before
'Guidance’ contains the word ‘dance’.
Following God is a lot like dancing.

When two people try to lead,
it’s not dancing.
It’s a lot like fighting.
The movement doesn't flow.
Every step is in the wrong direction.
One pulls the other pushes.
It’s jerky and uncomfortable.
It’s even difficult to watch.

When one lets the other lead,
both begin to flow with the music.
One gives gentle cues,
perhaps with a nudge
or by pressing Lightly
in one direction or another.
It's as if two become one body,
moving, flowing beautifully.

The dance takes surrender,
a willingness to let the other lead.
Attentiveness from one
gentle guidance from the other.


'G' for God, followed by 'u' and 'i'

'God, u and i dance'

When I’m willing to let God lead.
We dance!
There’s a peace that embodies me,
And carries me places
I could never go on my own.
Dancing with God
Builds my trust
I’m at peace when I let God lead.

note: copied in part from an email - original author unknown ~
idea the same - words changed to more specifically fit my heart

Princess warrior


  1. I was just pondering this yesterday and today ... thank you for the confirmation

  2. I have never ever seen the "dance" in Guidance. This is such a beautiful poem, and it illustrates that we need to let God guide us in this dance of life. Thanks Patrina.

  3. You're welcome S. Etole. This simple concept fills me with HOPE. If I dance long enough in His arms... I will learn to flow when HIs spirit moves - and not before. This was just a simple eye opener for me. I'm visual - this worked! I don't even know how to dance, but I think I feel the musice calling me. Thanks so much for picking up the pencil to let me know you were here!! And...you were the first one on the Bridge tonight.

    May you dance to your hearts content - as you dance with God.

    Patrina <")>><

  4. @ Jaycee
    I hadn't either until a friend showed me. It was just too cool. And who guides us? you got it! The Holy Spirit! Awww the many ways He guides us in to all turth - is amazing! Soooo amazing - if we only let Him lead!

    Thanks so much for picking up the pencil, Jaycee, to let me know you were here.

    God's blessings on you as you move out on that dance floor....feel the breeze....feel His presence...lean peacefully into His lead.

    Patrina <")>><

  5. I love it! I had never noticed that before.

    "God, u and i dance" What a great way to look at our relationship with God...He leads and I follow.

    love and hugs~Tammy

  6. Aw......beautiful! My walk with God really is like a dance. Sometimes I'm too afraid to go on the dance floor, so God patiently waits. Other times I'm spinning out of control, and God gently slows me down. My favorite part of the dance with God is the slow dance. In His arms is the best place in the world to be!

    Love ya girl!

  7. Oh Dear Friend...This is so beautiful to my eyes, ears and heart. The word Guidance will always speak volumes to me now.

    I am amazed at your insight...God truly uses you here and I'm thankful that he brought you into my life. You encourage, inspire, support and pray for me and our family...Thank you my friend...Thank you!

    The dance...'God, u and i dance'. What an absolutely beautiful vision of dancing here, penned words that filled my heart and made me feel even closer to Him this morning. Deep loving sigh here....

    Love you,

  8. Hi Patrina!

    I never thought of it that way..It give it a good meaning..it's a new revelation. Thank you.

  9. I received this [The Guidance message] in an e-Mail about two years ago and it is when God began telling me that He would dance with me. After that He gave me a song that a friend wrote called: AND WE DANCED!

    The only thing left for God to do with me dancing with Him is - to lift me off my feet when He does it! I'm still waiting for THAT special dance with Him!
    I believe that ONE DAY He WILL DO IT!!!

    He leas me and guides me every day!
    I praise Him!

    Choosing JOY, Stephanie
    JESUS ONLY in 2010

  10. I love this! I hope you don't mind, but I simply must borrow the dancers for my own blog. It is such a great reminder and visual that we believers have so-o-o-o much to dance over, and that He is such a great lead!


  11. @ Tammy

    Sound simple, doesns't it? :) thanks, Tammy for picking up the pencil to connect on the Bridge

    @ Deborah Ann
    Yeah, He is all these things to us! He's always calling us to the Dance, isn't He? Thanks for always visiting and picking up the pencil to connect with me here on the Bridge

    @ Barbara
    Nice to see you on the Bridge. I really love it that you picked up that pencil to let me know that you were here. God bless you, dear.

    @ Alleluiabelle
    My dear sister - our insight - yours and mine (and many many others in blogvilla) comes from our intimate dance with the Holy Spirit! RIGHT? Jesus left us His Holy Spirit to guide us into ALL truth. We'can't dance without knowing the HEART of God. That's the purpose of the dance, isn't it? thanks for picking up dthe pencil and penning those kinds words. I am Praying! It is a privilege to bring your family before the throne of God!! Hang in there - rest in the dance....let His arms carry you.


    @ Tricia
    It was a NEW revelation to me too. That's a good way to put it. 'Revelation". Thanks for always connecting with me here on the Bridge, and for picking up the pencil to let me know that your sweet face was here :)

    The first time I danced in public -ever- was in 03 at a deliverance conference. I danced with others in the isle! It was the most freeing feeling. And I remember it now as if it were yesterday! It was as if He just picked me up and ushered me out into the isle and - filled me with this energy - this fluid that filled my veins with new life. I saw myself dancing and I couldn't believe that I was doing this in public! The song that we were dancing to was "I will dance like David danced". I have that song and I put it on when the Lord is calling me to worship! Ever since that day in Aug of 03, I worship like no body has ever seen me worship since that day - Ohhhh my worship includes the dance - but only the Lord sees. The dance is reserved for me and my Lord. It is this time spent dancing with Him that allows me to walk in the world!

    Why am I telling all of this? Because I seem to share evrything spiritual with you - and you just evoked this rememberance.

    Thanks for picking up the pencil to connect with me on the Bridge!

    Blessing to you and everyone of you who have visited the Bridge with this posting. I hope you DANCE!!

    Patrina <")>><

  12. @ Sassy Granny

    Of course I don't mind! It is a great visual! I will never forget this lesson. Thanks for visitng and picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here. God bless you in the dance.

    Patrina <")>><

  13. What a picture! I am so moved by a good 'word' picture and reminder, and this one I had read somewhere quite a while ago. I am glad to come across it again, and it still provides such a strong picture - me dancing, as He leads. I have certainly gotten it out of order many times, and He graciously restores the relationship... and leads.

    Love this, and I so enjoyed browsing through your blog!

  14. @ Sonja,
    Thanks for visitng the Bridge again and for picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here.

    I just find it so odd tht I've never seen the 'dance' in guidance. It is a cool word picture.

    Patrina <")>><

  15. My oh my!

    I loved this. The fact that dance is contained in 'guidance' is a revelation. Let a lone, the part of your writing that goes...

    The dance takes surrender,
    a willingness to let the other lead.
    Attentiveness from one
    gentle guidance from the other.

    God bless you Patrina.
    If I have never told you how much you are a blessing; there you go. You really are :)

    - LDP

  16. Oh how I love this writing...and isn't it so true....when we are gliding in his arms, moving in His will...everything is so much easier but when we try to pull in our direction, follow our thoughts...life becomes a struggle.....Just love it!! Thanks for sharing it...it had been a while since I read it.

  17. @ Samuel
    You bless my heart with every vist to the Bridge. You are so kind and uplifting. I just love your spirit! It is contagious...I love visitng your place too. You are my wise wise friend.

    The 'dance' was a great revelation to me - As I said earlier, I'll never look at guidance the same way again. It has revealed a finite spiritual movement that when submitted to, brings peace and meaning to my life. awwwww to dance with my KING!....

    Thanks for picking up the pencil to let me know you were here. You always make my heart sing! :)

    God Bless you friend, Patrina

    @ Barbara
    I just love watching them dance! I see me and God in that moon. And I can hear heavenly music playing in the background. t is a very vivid word pic for me.
    thanks for picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here.

    God bless you

    Patrina <")>><

  18. I love when God reveals to us His truths through the little things.


  19. @ Yolanda

    It is a simple TRUTH!
    Thanks for visiting the Bridge and picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here

    God's blessings as you keep growing closer to Jesus.

    Patrina <")>><

  20. I love this! yes Lord I want to dance. b

  21. Love, love , love this!!! Im pondering guidance today! Love, lisa

  22. I'll never look at the word in the same way! Growing up, we weren't "allowed" to dance, so I'm a little insecure and clumsy with the whole idea...but happily, in GUI-DANCE, God takes the lead - a loving Partner intent on my joy and security.

  23. @ B
    Just 'Believe' right? Let Him do the leading. Easier said than done. But it is my heart's desire.
    Nice to see you on the bridge again, and thanks for picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here.

    @ Lisasmith
    I'm certain you are pondering this dance. May He hold you steady as together you move and breathe in the flow of HIs spirit. Thanks for visiting the Bridge. I think this is your first visit - welcome. thanks for picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here.

    Blessings and Prayers for you my dear.

    @ Rebecca
    Welcome. I've not connected with you yet. Thanks for visiting and picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here. I enjoyed visiting your blog. You are a busy lady.

    You know, I wasn't allowed to dance growing up either. I feel very inhibited that way now. But, As I shared in my responjse to TRUTHSHASRER here, I did dance in public on */2/03 at a deliverance conference - and it was like dancing in heaven.

    With this new word picture, I will remember that dance and know that I was dancing with the Lord.

    It has taken on a new meaning.

    Patrina <")>><

  24. I love this dear one, thanks for sharing.

  25. @ Denise
    Thanks for connecting on the Bridge and for joining. Welcome! I look forward to being your neighbor. God bless you as you carry the souls of many to the Lord in prayer. What an awesome gift you share. Thank you so much for picking up the pencil tolet me know that you were here!

    Blessings new neighbor!

    Patrina <")>><

  26. I used to dance a while back so i can so relate...the beauty in the dance is in your ability to trust your partner to take the lead, and even when you are about to make that daring move, you trust that you are safe in your partners arms..and the end result is a magnificent masterpiece...I'm going to have this on my mind for a long while...

  27. Your blog is looking very colorful and fun today, Patrina.

    I love this post, too. It can be applied to life in general. I was just thinking how working with a horse is like a dance with the horse accepting as as their leader. When they fight us, it's a mess and leas to frustration on both sides. When they accept us, the dance is beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  28. @ Jhazmyn
    I've never danced - therefore, I will never appreciate this like those who have. However, I do love to watch people dance, and I can tell the seasoned dancers from the beginners. There is a fluid flow with the seasoned dancers that is a beautiful materpiece.

    thanks for sharing that! Nice to see you on the Bridge again. Thanks for picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here.


    @ Lisa

    Thanks for sharing that! The difference between Baby Doll and Apache is proof enough, right? Baby Doll didn't trust you as her leader and Apache seems to already be that submissive horse that Baby Doll never was.

    Good point, Lisa. Yes this can apply to many things in life. It's all about TRUST and surrendering our will to another - for the sake of harmony in the dance of life.

    Thanks so much for picking up the pencil to let me know you were here. I love seeing you on my Bridge! You are my rancherwoman hero - you and all you kidlets and your zawsome rancherman John.

    Hugs, Patrina <")>><

  29. that's a very clever interpretation
    of guidance...i like it a lot!

    so sorry about my blog feed.
    it has always just stuck on
    that november post.

    i have no idea why and hope to
    remedy it, but i don't really know
    how! i'm sure people don't visit
    because of that. :(

  30. @ Letters2Emily
    Nice to see on the Bridge and thanks for picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here.

    I am certain that it hinders readers. If your current post isn't in front of me on my sidebar, I won't know when you've updated. Blogger Helps might be able to help you with this. There may be a Q & A forum that can address your problem too. I think it's sad that that is happening :(


  31. What a great observation! I had never noticed that before. I love the "God, you and I dance"!

  32. Thanks for making me look at that in a different way! Blessings to you today!!

  33. This is so one of my favorite poems! When I read this I think of the song "I can only imagine"
    Thank you for sharing it and for also stopping by my blog the other day and leaving a kind comment.

    I will be back to see you again soon. I so enjoy making new blogger friends!


  34. What a wonderful reminder!
    I have always loved to dance with God and now even more so.
    With shouts of joy and victory may we come before the Lord and dance as the Spirit leads - and be glad!
    Thank you for your comments and for joining the my site combined with Rose. I am enjoying reading some of your posts here at your beautiful and peace-filled site. Joining with you today.

  35. Patrina, thank you so much for the beautiful prayer you left on my blog. What a tremendous blessing!! God knows just what we need, doesn't He? I prayed just yesterday for more friendships and He is always so faithful to hear our hearts cries! I'm following you now as well and look forward to reading your wonderful blog.

    Blessings and hugs,

  36. good morning, patrina!

    i loved your eagle video below.
    such wisdom and encouragement.

    thank you, also, for the 'push' to
    figure out my site feed problem.

    i think i fixed it! :)

  37. Beautiful blog here sister. Thank you for leaving me such an encouraging comment. I was tired and after reading that, not anymore :)

    My father died of colon cancer back in 2007. When my brothers and I visited him and were with him during his last days, there were days that he was non-compliant. And I truly understand where you are coming from, from what you told me. And it's not so much of us, wanting to nag at them. But I know like us, you just want the best for your father. And I tried to understand my father, too. He was very independent before. And for him, to be bedridden, must be very frustrating and very difficult, relying on everyone to do things for him. It was a big challenge. But despite the difficulty, it was the Lord's love and His gift of joy that prevailed among all of us. We did not share tears of sadness. But of joy knowing where he was heading to, after his life here.

    So, I pray that you are remaining strong in the Lord's mighty power. I am glad that you are there, caring for your father, no matter how difficult it is. That I know is very rare, for children to attend to their parents' needs. I know it in my heart, it is a big blessing to be able to do that. On your father's part, though he might show his defiance at times :) and on your part. Blessings to you sister and thank you for making my day with your visit! It's always great to meet a new sister in Christ. We truly belong in His family! Looking forward to visiting you again. And for now, I will keep you and your dad in my prayers.

  38. I won't soon forget this one! Beautiful...


  39. Wow! I love learning things that will ignite my mind each time I see the spark (in this case, it is the word "guidance").

    And the message of the dance is wonderful. Letting another lead isn't always easy, but when it is God, it's a completely Trustworthy dance indeed!

    (aka A Simple Country Girl)

  40. @ shelly

    Thanks for picking up the pencil to let me know that you were her.
    I'd never seen it before either. It just opened my eyes to a whole new word.

    @ Stacey

    Blesssings...thanks for picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here. Glad you liked it!

    @ Debra

    Good point! Thanks for sharing that. It is good dancing music. Thanks for picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here and for joining me on the Bridge. I look forward to knowing more about you!

    @ TCMDeb

    I am so glad that I found your site today - both of them. I just love your personality already. Thanks so much for joining me here on the Bridge and for picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here.

    @ Lisa

    I am still praying for you - FAVOR - That's my prayer for you.I am so glad that our paths crossed today today. Thanks so much for joining me on the Bridge and for picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here. The relationship is a God send for me as well.

    @ Lea

    Yes, dear, you did fix it!! glad you like d the PUSH video. I listen to it often. It just empowers me. I see me as a much younger mom - when I puhed my little kidlets to be all that they could be. My son still needs some encouragemnt towards God - this just empowered me to begin speaking to him about his spiritual life. Thanks for joining me here on the Bridge and for picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here.

    @ RCUBEs
    What a blesing you've been to me today. Wow. You actually understand my situation here. Thank you for taking the time to pick up the pencil to scribe your thots and your story of your dad. I am so honored that you entered into my story with such understanding. It is difficult to share - I don't know how to share most of it without sounding so negative. It has changed me - it has changed our relationship. It's a sad situation. But the Lord is my strength. I couldn't do this without His tower of strength over me.

    I praise the Lord for you, my new neighbor, and thank you soo much for your prayers. Seriously, I place high value on prayer - I feel loved and cared for tonight - knowing that another soul - is taking me and my father to the Lord in prayer. Awesome!

    Bless you, dear one - I look forward to more sharing. Thanks for joining me here on the Bridge.

    @ Elaine

    Neither will I :) thanks for picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here

    @ Darlene

    nice to see you on the Bridge again ...yes, we can learn something everyday, if we keep our eyes and ears open.This still blows my mind that I have never seen this word dance in guidance - I can't not see it now! :) thanks for picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here.


    God bless everyone of you! I've never had sooo many commenters in one post! I treasure the relationships that I've made here. Thank you all for connecting. I hope to see you here and at your place...as Deborah Ann says ..."that's what neighbors do"

    Patrina <")>><

  41. Beautifully said!

  42. You are such a blessing!


  43. Wow is all I can say, thanks for this Patrina. Lord, I surrender to your leading..

  44. Thanks for stopping by our Frugal blog site: Hands & Hearts for Him. I love the name of your blog and yes, we are Watchmen on the Wall. I love this piece about Guidance. I'd read it before but was glad for the wonderful reminder.

  45. @
    Thank you Kareem for picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here :) Hugs

    Lisa - the blessing is mutual! Thank you, my new friend for picking up the pencil to bless me today! Hugs right back at ya!

    Believer - ohhh how I have missed you! Welcome back! Hope you are OK?? Ohhh yes - may we surrender - to HIs lead! YES YES LORD teach us surrender in all things to your will and your way for our lives. We praise you, Lord for who you are and for what you've done for us - cause us to dance purposely into your created plan for our lives - Ohhh yes Lord! let it be so ...hugs, Believer!!

    Susan - welcome to the Bridge. thnak you for picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here. I enjoyed my visit to your place too. Keep being the watcman that you are and God bless you for your efforts.

    Thanks again to all of you who visted me on the Bridge with this post - I look forward to our next visit - here or at your place - doesn't matter where :))

    Hugs, Patrina <")>><

  46. Thank you for another inspiring piece and I loved some of the comments too.

  47. @ Myne

    Nice to see you again - thanks for picking up the pencil to let me know that you were here. There were quite a few comments to wade thru here - but all worthy of that sturdy pencil. God bless, Myne. Hope to see you again soon

    Patrina <")>><


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