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May 23, 2011

Abide With Me Still

My crown of thorns - growing into the shape of a cross – all by its self - has been projecting on my kitchen doorway to the garage – every morning for weeks. I can’t capture it clearly. It is a projection – reflected from my neighbor’s truck windshield – through my window pane. For weeks, the Lord has been trying to download His truth to me in this natural occurrence. Yesterday, I took a few minutes to put my pondering to pencil and paper. The following prose is another validation of His promise to me in 2007.

“I give you visions in the night, And revelation as you write.”

All these years, I thought that it pertained to His revelation on my dreams, as I commit them to pencil and paper. Today, I understand it to mean that my OBEDIENCE to ‘write’ – BRINGS His revelation to the window of my spirit. I have so many things in my mind that my spirit yearns to express – but they get lost inside my head because I don’t take or can’t find the time to write. I lose the moment. Something else rises to take its place.

But this one thing kept reappearing. So, while dad drank his coffee, I put my pencil to paper (literally – I have no problem writing longhand in my journals – He always meets me there). The interesting thing is – I don’t usually like or write poetry anymore. I haven’t written prose or poetry for 20 years. Yet in the past 4 weeks, He has written 3 pieces of prose through my pencil. I didn’t even realize this truth until yesterday when His revelation unfolded in prose.

Morning after morning - when I gaze upon this natural occurrence – a supernatural moment in an ordinary ‘mundane’ occurrence, I will give thanks for His Light. His words anchor me.

Only God, could do such a thing.

Today, I surrender my pencil of yesterday and my pencil for tomorrow to His hand. I obediently pick up the instrument He has placed in my hand – to reflect His Glory.

Abide With Me Still

My light shines
To reflect My Glory
Is your window open?
Shades pulled down?
awake; slumbering?
Abiding and still?
My Light will surprise
In ordinary ways
My wonders perform
My Light transforms
In season and out

Wherever you are
Even in the dimness
Of your dwelling place
My Light shines true
Like a mirror reflects
Projecting my Glory
Upon your ‘mundane’
I am causing the
Walls and doors
You take for granted
To become ‘amazing’

When you look away
My Light and Glory
Remain the same
What’s visible in front
In reality lies behind
Like a mirror reflects
My Glory projects
The truth of what was
And is; and is to come
Truth doesn’t change
In the shadows

Truth remains; never dies
Light belongs in darkness
Sun by day
Moon by night
Both together make
One ‘whole’ day
Reflecting My Healing
In My abiding Grace
Know that I’m guarding
Leading in the shadows
Of your enduring Faith

I am the TRUTH
Of your yesterdays
Today and tomorrow
Truth remains
In your abiding or not
Position or circumstance
Does not change
My truth
Abiding opens your spirit
To see my Truth; My Light
Come to Life

Abiding anchors you
In My creative purpose
For your entire days
I AM the I AM
I have overcome
Abide in My Victory
Remain in My Light
Have No Fear
I am your Beloved
I will never abandon
My Warrior Bride

Know the King’s heart
I AM who I say I AM
I AM that you might see
Regardless of the night
I AM that you be
Victorious in me
Day in and day out
Live in the beauty
Of this NEW ‘whole’ day
As my Light anchors you
Abide with me still

Prose written by God
through Patrina’s Pencil


  1. Beautiful prose!

    It is always right to obey the Voice and follow Divine directions.

    "Wherever you are even in the imness
    of your dwelling place, My Light shines true"

    That verse ministered to me.

    God bless you!

  2. Great reflective post, I surrender all to God too, we can't do it on our own..:=)

  3. This is so life giving, Patrina.

    Truth doesn't change in the shadows...

    That is so true.

    I have read the poem several times, and it becomes more alive with each reading.

    Much love

  4. this poem is so beautiful....a sign of Him guiding your pencil....and you reminded me of something. To give my pen....to Him....to write through me and speak those things I don't know how. Hope you have a Son filled day.

  5. Just beautiful Patrina. It's so good to jump over here and visit, and to see your beautiful writing. As always, your words ring true and bless!


  6. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

    HE ALWAYS does...am a TESTIMONY to that :D

    How are you doing Warrior bride in boot? :D

  7. 'I have so many things in my mind that my spirit yearns to express – but they get lost inside my head because I don’t take or can’t find the time to write.' I so get this and Patrina...what you commented to me on my blog...touched me very much. Your post...your words....also impact me. I love how you wrote 'my crown of thorns growing.....' and your poem.....beautifully written....Stay strong out there and keep writing for Him.....Your writing shouts so much truth. ☺

  8. Patrina:
    It goes without saying that you are welcome to use or refer to anything of mine.

    Love you, have a good Sunday!


  9. Hi Patrina -

    Thank you.

    I loved this. It is indeed anointed with the Spirit of GOD.

    The anointing makes such a major difference.

    I love that our Lord blesses His Words with such potent power.

    Thank you, Patrina, for being a yielded vessel unto GOD!

  10. What a beautiful poem, thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh, this was just lovely, Patrina.

    I think the whole concept of abiding is so difficult for me. I worry and fret, I try to "fix" things on my own. But God calls us to something harder, something greater. "Abide in Me" - the great promise of His peace when we trust and rely on Him.


  12. Hi Patrina -

    I saw your comment on someone else's site and came here to see if you had a new post.


    Bunches of love to you, dear sister in Christ - smiles.

  13. Patrina .... How I love your writing and how it helps to push me to connect more with the Lord, especially every second, not just on Sundays ..... you are such an incredible blessing to me ..... I hope this finds you well. Praying for you this moment. Forever grateful for HIS gift to us to me .... ohhh, the possibilities!!!

  14. I meant to tell you about my baby mockingbirds that you asked about ....I was anticipating their first flight only one day after the last photos and when I went out to check them....they had flown the coop.....I was disappointed I had missed it, but so grateful for the time I had with them!!! I DO have a constant pair of mockingbirds that follow me around the yard, for several years, and one in particular is wherever I am in the yard and sings, or "mocks" loudly ....I think it is the parents of the babies, but not positive. Just that they are the only and constant ones who come so close to me and maybe who blessed me with their babies..... I have been too busy to sit on the porch lately but will start watching soon!! What blessings from the Lord, the birds are!! You too!!!

  15. I'm glad you've chosen to pick up the pencil and write those things in your head..beautiful poem....your heart speaks so clearly.....and it's so neat how He shows us Himself...like that cross in your window.....I love too what you wrote....My crown of thorns - growing into the shape of a cross – have a great week out there. Happy writing.

  16. Hi Patrina -

    Came by to visit...

    Your work shall be rewarded - 2 Chronicles 15:7 - KJV

  17. From that place of surrendered obedience comes these gifts of glory. What He pens through us is no less a miracle that to walk upon water.

    Beautiful post.

  18. you are a gifted writer and He certainly
    uses your pencil. i am inspired to "know
    the King's heart" and keep my windows

  19. had to stop by....and tell you your comment (poem) touched me a lot. Thank you. Hope every day this week you're touched by the power of His gentleness...

  20. Thank you all for your visits and taking the time to leave your footprints here. I appreciate your friendship. You make my heart sing.

    Have a joyful weekend

    Patrina <")>><


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