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Jan 26, 2012

When Grandmother Prayed...

I hold within my heart and hands, a letter from my grandmother - writing to my father about the time when grandpa was dieing.

He'd been an invalid for most of my dad's life. Due to a stroke, grandpa struggled to talk ... one word at a time. He spoke words with stops...you know, like a telegram :)

The night he died - he told grandmother ...

"Go home.  Not afraid."

She had prayed for grandpa's salvation throughout their married years. She and the children went to church without him. She raised their children to know God.

Then one day, grandpa told her...

"Jesus came.  Give His blood.  Over my head.  Pour all over."

Later - as they watched the tornado come, he said...
"Not afraid.  Ready.  Die.  Don't care.  Happy.  Love you.  Love kids.  * Well Jr preach".... and they both cried together.

Still unafraid to die, grandpa sent grandmother home from the hospital that final night - to get some rest. Before climbing into bed, grandmother prayed for grandpa. And from the midst of the still dark air, grandmother heard the the voice of God...
" It is well, it is done."

Not knowing what the message meant - she simply relaxed in the knowing that God was in control. A few minutes later, the Dr called to say that grandpa had quietly passed.

"It is well, it is done."

All of Grandmother's prayers reached heaven. Grandpa had given his life to the Lord. He was ready to die. He was ready to be with the Lord.

I have pondered my grandmother's heart and tenacity towards prayer - even in a family with an unbelieving husband/father. Dad used to say that when his mother began to pray, it was as if she held a key that could unlock heaven...

"Heaven and earth came together when mama prayed."

 Grandmother kept prayer journals. She wrote in the margins of her personal prayer devotionals. Often, she was vulnerable enough to insert names (family names :) 'between the lines'. Dad's name was there, his siblings, her siblings. Grandpa's name was there often. One prayer devotional in particular - that I hold within my safe keeping, sports my name inserted between the lines. :) In fact, because of her specific placement of my name - between those particular lines - I know that my grandmother knew something about me - way back then - that has taken me years past her own home-going, to understand.

I am a second generation beneficiary of my grandmother's generous prayers. 

We may never know what our prayers accomplish - but I bet all of us who have made the decision for Christ - did so because SOMEONE prayed.


*  "well Jr. preach" ... meaning 'Jr preaches well.'

Jr. was my dad's childhood nicname. He was named after grandpa  - everyone called him "Jr.".  God called dad to preach when he was 24 years old. Dad suffered from dyslexia and dropped out of school in the eighth grade because of ridicule over his inability to read. When God called him to preach...God taught Dad to read...and the first book he ever read was the Holy Bible :)

Jr had not only entered into a relationship with God but God had taught Jr to read!

...and Jr preached well!



  1. Oh my friend...this was beautiful. It made me think of my own mama who prayed for everyone of us and more. She was a pillar of strength...a shining star in my heart and I was able to pray for her with her face held in my hands as she took her last breaths in this life.

    Love you my friend and thank you for stirring up within me the beautiful memories of my mama this day.

    You are such a treasure...


  2. Oh so glad in my heart to hear from you .... I was getting worried ....opps....a sin to worry, but it was worrying in love....as you have been such a light in the darkness of this world and I refer much to your blog and writings.....for joy, comfort and His love.....hope you are well....In His Arms....sherry

  3. How beautiful! God's really developing in you a gift for sharing and writing.
    What warm and strong memories. Foundational!
    Good to see you around here again my friend. Keep in touch and may God continuously guide you along the path He's prepared for you.
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. the power of one person's faith can impact so many......

  5. Alle,
    So nice to see you. We've all had these pillars of strength in our lives, haven't we? I could have written so much more...

    What an awesome privilege to be with your mama when she was dieing. To cradle her face in your praying hands... how precious is that?

    I'm reminded in my spirit of the words to an old favorite gospel hymn... Precious Memories...

    Precious memories, unseen angels
    Sent from somewhere to my soul
    How they linger, ever near me
    And the sacred scenes unfold.

    Precious memories,
    how they linger
    How they ever flood my soul
    In the stillness of the midnight
    Precious, sacred scenes unfold.

    Precious father, loving mother
    Fly across the lonely years
    And old home scenes of my childhood
    In fond memory appear.

    In the stillness of the midnight
    Echoes from the past I hear
    Old-time singing, gladness bringing
    From that lovely land somewhere.

    I remember mother praying
    Father, too, on bended knee
    Sun is sinking, shadows falling
    But their prayers still follow me.

    As I travel on life's pathway
    Know not what the years may hold
    As I ponder, hope grows fonder
    Precious memories flood my soul.

    Precious memories....indeed

    Hugs to you Alle,
    Patrina <")>><

  6. Sherry,

    I am thrilled that you still know the the way to my place... :) even when I haven't visited yours in a while. You are a "back door" kind of friend. that's a good thing :) meaning I feel I know you so much in spirit that you can meet me at the back door anytime and come on in. That means I don't have to clean the house before you can visit :)

    Praying for you girlfriend

    Patrina <")><

  7. Deb,

    thank you too for not forgetting me or where I live :) What a surprise to have 4 visits from friends I haven't seen or shared with in a long while. I am blessed to see you here today.

    And yes, the Lord has been growing me in many ways during my time away. I appreciate you kindness ...may the Lord be glorified as I share.

    Patrina <")>><

  8. Nikki,

    You are absolutely right....oh the powerful impact of one person's faith...and faithful prayers. Oh the stories we could share, right?

    Thank you so much for finding your way to my place ... I HAVE MISSED YOU!

    Patrina <")>><

  9. Patricia this was simply lovely.
    Words and prayers say so very much. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

  10. JBR,

    It is great to see you today! I have been away almost 4 months and yet 5 of my friends have stopped by to say 'hey'....That amazes me. Thank you for the encouragement. Thank you for taking the time.

    Our words are very important. In fact scripture reminds us that there is life and death in the tongue....so we are to choose our words wisely and be intentional about our message.

    Scripture tells us also to pray without ceasing...and again...that the fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much.

    So yeah our words and intentional prayer life have the potential to change lives! families ! even nations!

    It is my prayer that the words of my mouth be acceptable in His sight...My Lord and my Redeemer.

    Thank you so much for your footprints today ...and the encouraging words you have spoken over me. :) I embrace you with God's love...

    Blessings and peace, my friend
    Patrina <")>><

  11. This post encourages me to keep praying, to never give up.

    I loved that your grandma was courageous enough to insert names between the lines of her bible.

    What a testimony of faithfulness and trust.


  12. All I can say to this post is...

    I'm washed in tears on this beautiful Thursday morning; thank you for reaching out to others in Faith.

    Love & Laughter,

  13. Patrina my friend, I am so glad to see you again!

    You KNOW how special this posting is to me, what with our preacher families and the emphasis on prayer!

    To read about your grandmother, and how she prayed and BELIEVED what she prayed for, all through those years, and then saw the fruit of the prayers with those she loved. How often I get weary in the praying, and put it aside or even let it go. Her tenacity speaks to her knowledge of who God is. I am humbled and encouraged by her continued faith even when answers didn't come quickly.

    We have been so blessed with our heritage Patrina, and I've never known it more than I do during these years.

    And she prayed for Patrina... that makes me smile.

    LOVE this post! Thank you for sharing.


  14. Your post touched my heart in more than one way. First to believe that God is faithful to His Word and He does answer our prayers for our family. Second, I have two sons that are Dyslexic, the youngest severly...I have felt God telling me "It's ok, I got this" on more than one occation. Due to the situation they are both homeschooled and sometimes I feel like I'm just not enough. But then God so kindly reminds me that I dont have to be because He is :) What you said about God teaching JR to read made me cry...it was a good cry...Thank You for sharing!

  15. Dear Lidia

    Thanks for your visit. I feel so honored to know & to see my name written in grandma's prayer journals. It's a small glimpse into the spiritual realm - to know that my name is also written in the Lamb's Book of Life.

    Blessing Lidia

    Patrina <")>><

  16. Blessings DJ,
    I appreciate you taking the time to visit. I'm gladthat my sharing has touched you. That makes me smile :)

    Paint on!
    patrina <")>><

  17. Dear Sonja,

    absolutely! We have been mightly blessed with our Christian heritage. I am so thankful for the many generations of prayers that have fostered my spiritual growth.

    The older I get, the more I realize that the Lord has indeed facilitated my journey. I am a product of earnest prayer warriors.

    I am most grateful - to have a great cloud of wittness' -who have gone before me - that prayed.

    Never get tired of praying, Sonja. Your prayers... our prayers - availaleth much.

    I love your open, vulnerable heart. Thanks for the visit, and for picking up the pencil.

    patrina <")>><

  18. Nice to see you again, Deveda,

    I was so touched by your sharing. I am praying for you and your awesome position, of not only raising your boys, but for the task of homeschooling them too.

    Yes, as you know, God is in control. Your surrendered pliable heart, is all He needs to show you His awesome plan...for you and your boys.

    As you know, God picked YOU - out of all the women in the world, to be their mother.

    It was all a part of His plan.

    Keep believing in His great plan! He never intended that you be sufficient - with Him, there are no labels - no disease - no disabilities - that He doesn't already have a plan - to show the world - a glimpse of His Glory.

    You were such an encouragement to me, Daveda. Thankyou.. for your footprints here and also in your world. You are in a great position of influence.

    Blessings and prayers,
    Patrina <")>><

  19. Patrina I just noticed I called you Patricia in my last post. I came back for another read. Blessings.

    Jesus Calling

  20. Dear one....thank you for your writing!!!....and your comment on my post this week .... it stirred a memory about my beginnings (1984)in business which has a lot to do with "porches"!! If I may quote you about the "world being invited to come sit on my porch" .... as it was my prayer years ago thru a friend .... it is a story and I now realize how much "Porches" have been a key element in my life as a Believer. An awesome thing when I decided to watch Whitney Houston's HOMECOMING "CHURCH" SERVICE...... THE WORLD THAT WATCHED THE FOUR HOUR FUNERAL....Got to go to "church" and GOT TO HEAR OF SALVATION AND GOD'S SON!!!! I WAS SO BLESSED TO SEE HOW THE SADNESS OF HER BATTLES WERE NOT WHAT DOMINATED HER HOME COMING....BUT WHAT DOMINATED WAS THE LOVING ARMS OF OUR LORD JESUS......AND THE WORLD GOT TO HEAR ALL ABOUT HIM.....HE WAS GLORIFIED!!!! thus the TV was a "porch" for many to come to accidentally so to speak to hear of our Savior......and a BLOG....is a porch....got me thinking!!!

  21. Hey Patrina! This post really blesses and encourages me so! Oh, how blessed you and I are to have such wonderful Godly heritage!

    So sorry that I've been MIA for so long....so blessed by your posts as I lingered to visit here today! Pray that you and yours are doing well!


    Love and Sweet Blessings!

  22. Sherry,
    I love you're thinking. That was my Thots when I wrote about the 'porch' in my comment at your place. After leaving dad in a VA home, I started out on my treck towards what ever was next in my new season. I addressed family and friends that 'the whole wide world was now my front porch'.

    I could go anywhere. I could write again. The isolation was no more. It was as if the front door flew open and the world greeted me like a new day.

    That was my thinking, my blog is my 'front porch'.

    How amazing that your first shop was on the front porch of an old post office.

    I think you are such a creative blessing to the world. I wouldn't doubt that the Lord has something in mind for you and that 'front porch' thing.

    Keep thinking about it and asking Him for His ideas. He had me share that with you for a reason.

    Awesome about Whitney Houston's funeral being a front porch for the sharing of the gospel.

    I say AMEN to that!

    Love ya woman

    Patrina <")>><

  23. Jackie,
    So pleased to see you again. Life gets do busy sometimes. I understand the MIA. it's not so much life as it is current circumstances. Those circumstances that are beyond our control. We just have to roll with them and accept things are going yo be different for a while.

    It was do nice to hear your bubbling voice. Yes, we are truly blessed to have the Christian heritage that we have. Greatly blessed.

    Keep your windows open
    The Son is shining everyday.

    patrina <")>><

  24. Replies
    1. David, you are absolutely right on! He most certainly does!
      Thanks for visiting.

  25. This was just so beautifully written, and brought back so many memories for me. I know I am where I am today because of the prayers that have chased after me. I have learned the power of prayer from those who have gone before me. I remember the day when someone told me that they prayed for me every single day. It changed me right at that moment. You know, we don't do enough writing these days -- stuff that those who come behind us can find and understand the prayers that were lifted for them. I love the name of your blog. Keep on writing and being that pencil in His Hand!

    1. Dear Cora,
      Your comment blessed me so. I read it right away but am just getting to reply. Thank you for sharing and for your kindness. The Lord named my blog. It comes from a statement that Mother Teresa was quoted as saying. The Lord wrote it down on my heart years ago...for such an opportunity as this, i guess.

      I appreciate the encouragement. It goes a long way. I am encouraged. His love and Light fills my heart with much to write about. We are His chosen instruments - to spread the melody of His song in us to a world that is deaf and blind to His Glory and Presence.

      Indeed! May we continue to shine His Light through our words.

      Much love to you
      in Christ
      Patrina <")><

  26. Hey Patrina! I was thinking about you this morning and wanted to stop by! Praying all is well with you!

    Have a wonderful day!


    Luv and Sweet Blessings!

    1. Jacki dear,
      Thank you so much for your lovely thots and prayers. I am doing well! I am strong and when I am weak, He sustains me. I am learning to rest in Him...Yes, He is always FAITHFUL! Always.

      Sweet blessing to you too I pray this finds you well...you are such a JOY to the many hearts that are privilleged to know you.

      Much love and hugs
      Patrina <")>><

  27. Hello Patricia,
    Your words bless my heart and soul. God taught your family to L*O*V*E, that is for sure! He lovingly guided your Grandparents hearts and steps in life...what a Rich Heritage!

    Thanks for the prayers and kind words. We are doing much better...my man is making steps towards health and I am starting to relax. The Lord is always Good!

    1. Dear KK
      what a gift to see you here again. I miss your smiling spirit. So glad that hubby is mending. That the sun is beginning to shine on you again and you will be able to ride Wa more and more. I love how you love through everything that breathes around you. Your Joy is contagious. You make my heart sing.

      praying ...still
      patrina <")>><

  28. A beautiful post Patrina. I was just thinking this
    morning who will read all of my devotionals and journals after I am gone. I sometimes write in shorthand, but when I want to make sure I can read and remember I don't. Happy Mother's Day to you also, Please email me directly, I can't find your personal email

    1. AWWWWW... Brenda,

      There you are! I have missed you too. Such a gifted artist of God's spectrum of colors. I love seeing what God creates through your eyes and hands. What a wonder to behold.

      I never learned shorthand. Thot it would have nice at one time, to write as fast as my thots were running. but it these later years, I am glad that God has given me the personal instruction to write my dreams and journaling - in longhand. My scribbles are hard enough to read let alone try to remember shorthand :)

      My devotionals and journals are written specifically for those that come behind me. Whether it be my own children and grandchildren - or those I may not know in this natural realm while here.

      Sometimes I think what I write is too personal to share, and so I don't. But lately, I am beginning to see that so many others can identify with what the Lord specifically says to me or writes through my pencil - that I am feeling His nudge to open wide the doors and let Him speak.

      He says so much to us, doesn't He? I long to sit with Him and listen to His words over me. He speaks and the sound of His voice is so sweet the birds hush their singing. And the melody that He gives to me rings on and on...through this heart of mine, that seeks to know Him more and more.

      I wish you a lovely Mother's Day, Brenda.
      Enjoy God's chosen children - His gifts to you forever.

      Patrina <")>><


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