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I'll wait to see what God says ~ Habakkuk 2:1-2

Jan 12, 2014

Day 11: God's LOVE is WIDE and HIGH and LONG and DEEP

"I am your hiding place, I will protect you from trouble and surround you with songs of deliverance...I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go...I will counsel you and watch over you. Rejoice in Me..."

~ Your Heavenly Father

taken from Psalm 32: 7-11

It was a scarey thot...
what WAS and yet WASN'T 

There we sat...
away from the rain -
inside the little dinner -
eating our specialty 
Hamburger and Fries.

I WAS surprised
at the instant shock -
that jolted me with fear.
When I looked up...
I recognized it as a
bullet hole right away.

As my eyes settled
on what WAS...
and yet WASN'T,
I WAS astounded
that I hadn't noticed
it straight away!

The hole WAS definitely
straight thru the thick glass.
It WAS directly 
at my line of sight.
Thankfully...it WAS 
from another time..
and WASN'T meant for me!  

I thot about why...
out of an entire dinner...
empty for the most part,
We chose to sit at this
very targeted spot!
Totally unaware of the 
position it held.

"WAS someone else
sitting right here where 
I WAS now sitting...
when that hole WAS made?"
I couldn't bear the thot!
I found myself praying...
in the midst of what WAS 
and yet WASN'T.

Praying over what WAS
in another time..
and praising for what
in the here and now!
My steps are ordered

by the Lord! 

O how WIDE  and HIGH and

LONG and DEEP is the Heavenly

Father's LOVE for YOU and ME!

The LORD is my 
I have everything 
I need!


  1. I had to think what that picture was until I started reading your post! I wondered what people's expressions were at that time when it happened when someone shot at "someone?" What relief it must be that the thick glass stopped the bullet and stopped perhaps, a deadly outcome.

    I believe in the Lord's protection as I go not only to my work but anytime of the day, even inside our home. He is truly our Shield...The Greatest Barrier we have against the enemies' attacks. I love that song you shared. By the way, I have 3 guitars. Not that I am an expert guitarist but the Lord had me learned simple chords when I was young. Much later, as He found me, the love of writing helped me in singing "new songs" to the Lord. He is able!

  2. He is our Shield! Its an important part of the armor. The Shield of FAITH douses the enemy's flaming arrows!

    Every time I know that He has protected me from being in the line of attack or mishap...I immediately thank Him for being an ever present help in my time of trouble.

    This photo actually shows that the bullet went clear thru. So not knowing the outcome of the incident that put the hole in the restaurant window, I prayed over what was at that precise time and for healing to come where needed.

    I wondered if you played the guitar. That's how you write songs. I should. Mama's whole family was extremely musically talented. None of her children walked into that gift. But all of her 3 great-granddaughters have. :) she is smiling from heaven.

  3. Hi Patrina,
    How strange, it was as if you were meant to sit in that very seat for you to be able to 'praise and pray'. The song was lovely too. The Lord has brought me to write songs and just play the amount of chords that I need to accompany them on the guitar, some on a keyboard yet only being able to play what is needed to accompany the song. They are either songs of comfort in time of needing that comfort, or evangelizing songs telling of salvation through the Lord.
    God bless you

    1. That's a new thot, Brenda. I was purposed to sit there so I could cover the spot...the unknown incident and every detail associated with it. I pray and praise so often..it is second nature for me. It is interesting to think that the Lord orchestrated where we would sit for this purpose. O how beautiful to be led by the Master in places we can't even see until He shows us.

      You write beautiful songs, Brenda! The Lord has gifted both you and RCUBE's in that department. If only I had learned to play guitar!
      blessings to you, Brenda.


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