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I'll wait to see what God says ~ Habakkuk 2:1-2

Jan 17, 2014



I am an onion in the hands of the loving Heavenly Father. I stink as the Holy Spirit exposes and peels away layer ...after layer...after layer, that I might know the fullness of the heart of God.

Because the Lord Jesus Christ has ransomed me from the darkness of my soul, to exchange my heart of stone...for a heart of flesh - I earnestly and diligently study the Word of God...to be found a worthy servant... approved by 'the eye of God'....not man. 

I strive for humility...to share from the Gospel openly, and freely, with all sincerity, as he makes it KNOWN to me. I persevere that I may apprehend the true sense of Scripture, not taking from it, or adding to it; the truth in it, and showing others...upon opportunity...plainly and faithfully the Gospel contained in it - the way of salvation. Keeping nothing back, but declaring the whole counsel of God....as He makes the MORE of Him KNOWN to me.

I do not profess to be a Bible scholar or teacher...only a disciple of Christ Jesus.  I do not easily comprehend the way others might. God knows my disability. He created me this way. Therefore, It remains a struggle for me to understand much of Scripture. But He has been gracious unto me...by showing me who He is through many other avenues and people...using the fullness of who He is...through the work of the Holy Spirit in me...to draw me close. God created me with a deficit in many areas...on purpose.

The Holy Spirit supplements my self-study and my inabilities by leading me to another's 'gift' of anointed teaching...Biblical interpretation, application...spiritual discernment and personal testimony - to establish ' His' TRUTH in me, as I strive to discern, understand and testify according to the witness of the Holy Spirit in me. 

The Lord knows me better than I know myself. He knows the hidden places known or unknown to me. He knows the way that I take. He has called me to love the study of Scripture in order to help me grow in truth and faithfulness to His enduring service. He has  'gifted' me according to the instrument He created me to be.  I am a seeker, a student of the inherent Word of God - the Bible. I am an encourager, sometimes an exhorter, and I am an intercessor - through prayer and sometimes fasting.  

Please don't judge me or call me a false teacher. I would never knowingly falsify the Holy Word of God. This is a vulnerable place for me. I have never attempted to publicly share my 'self-study' of the Word of God. I share with a healthy fear...knowing that I am the least of the 'wise'. I do not share from pride, for approval, or applause. I share as an obedient servant to the Lord's testimony in me. It is He that makes the crooked places straight. I can only grow to emulate the likeness of Him... if I push through the envelope of fears and insecurities of being unfairly judged by my fellow man. The Holy Spirit is working overtime to eradicate these ancient roots that were subtly planted in the garden of my childhood.

It is my HOPE and my PRAYER that the Lord might awaken His voice in me...to encourage another like me ...to trust His voice...His testimony...His witness...which is also in them. To step up... to submit to the workings of the Holy Spirit, to gently peel away the layers of their onion...that they might discover the fullness of the heart of God. 

His Warrior Bride in Boots


  1. Hi Patrina,
    the Lord has uniquely made us all and each of us must do what He has called us to do. I believe we know what we are to do when there is nothing of self in our sharing, only a desire to serve Him as we believe He wants us to.
    God bless you and everyone else who endeavours to be obedient to the calling of Christ.

    1. "...when there is nothing left of self in our sharing..." that's a great way of putting it, Brenda! Hard for us humans, isn't it? Discernment is the Key. I find that as I live in focused relationship with Him ..I grow in discernment.

  2. I had this urge to check your blog, and am glad I did.
    Happy new year to you ma'am and I like the new additions to the layout.

    I go with your flow of thoughts because I have found myself thinking along such lines whenever am in one of my deep sober moods;

    Do not judge me or call me a false teacher.... sometimes, I think I am knowledgeable about an issue, but realize I don't know much or nothing! Just making an innocent mistake, but readily to apologize and learn.

    I strive for humility.....but the rat race of this life sometimes makes me grow cold, proud, angry, bitter....I go back on my knees and cry my heart out when I realize I am lost, deviated from the path.

    The LORD knows me better than I know myself......Yes! HE knows all my weakness and strengths, my desires and flaws, my thoughts and motives. And the most surprising thing is that HE still loves me! Loves me unconditionally, I don't have to pretend to HIM, I simply be myself, confide in HIM without fear of being judged or cussed or ridiculed or condemned. Because HE knows! HE knows! He knows the true me!

    It is a privileged to have HIM as our father, and be blessed to be called HIS children.

    1. nice to see you are opening blogging again. how do you find the time with your new bundle of JOY?

      Yes...He is the only one that knows the true You..and me :) and he still loves us..never gives up on us. I am also thankful for His strength to endure these times. He promises that He is a ROCK we can always stand on!

      Continued blessings to you and your family
      patrina <")>><

  3. There's a difference with the way our inner spirits are stirred... By His grace we discern if such teachings or other things go against the Word of God. Thanks be to His Word that guides those who are hungry to be led into His truth! I pray many would be led to your posts and come to know our good Lord because of what He's putting in your heart. Praying for His gift of discernment and that you'll always remain strong in God's mighty power!

    Amen! We're all sinners saved by His grace. His gift!!!

    1. Thanks RCUBEs for that prayer...and please do pray for discernment and strength. By the GRACE of God...we go forward.

  4. God ... gives grace to the lowly, James 4: 6.

  5. If ever believers needed the freedom to be transparent, today is that day. I think of how many different ways Jesus dealt with people. In Him, one size does not fit all. Thus I am blessed & inspired to hear of your journey to become more like him. Self study is bound to become a devotional undertaking. Besides, He promises His spirit to teach, comfort, correct/exhort, guide us and lead us into truth. Now there's a deal!


    P.S. I'm going to borrow your header scripture. It fits perfectly with my own recent post.

    1. "In Him, one size does not fit all."
      Great point! We were created so uniquely different in many ways...it wouldn't make sense that He would be a 'cookie cutter' God!


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