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Jan 4, 2014

Day 3: God's LOVE is WIDE and HIGH and LONG and DEEP

"I have made this day; Rejoice and be glad in it!"

~ Your Heavenly Father

taken from Psalm 118:24 

In Loving Memory 
of Eric Matthew 
who left this earthy world 
after a lifelong battle 
with a very rare disease.
It took his strength
and put him 
in a wheel chair.
He was in his mid 20's.
His Mother and Father's 
only child. 

He passed 
after I had posted 
this scripture today.
I thought of removing it.
I was not rejoicing 
in the sorrow.
But the Lord 
quickly reminded me
of the reason to rejoice.

Rejoice for Eric Matthew!

Eric didn't profess Jesus.
But his mom recently
shared with Auntee...
that Eric accepted Christ 
as a young boy.
Eric professed a God,
but didn't think
He was a caring God.
If He was a loving God,
Why would God
allow him to have 
such a devastating disease?
Eric's questions
were echoed strongly 
by his Dad.

We almost lost our Eric
more than a month ago
after weeks in the hospital.
He was hospitalized
with sepsis...
his organs shut down 
his heart went into A-fib
The hospital staff 
prepared the family.

His only Auntee -
and her only nephew -
read scripture to him.
Leaning over the bed
looking into his eyes...
she said, 
"Eric, Jesus loves You."
Eric's face became wrenched
with a definite sadness...
he responded with...
" No...I don't think he does!"

We kept praying!
We had him on 12 or more
prayer chains and numbers
of individuals were 
interceding on his behalf. 
During this stay
in the hospital...
Eric shared that
he saw God!
God asked him if he
wanted to go to heaven
or stay on earth??
Eric wanted to stay.

He got well enough 
to enter hospital rehab...
and then to go home.

Auntee spent Christmas 
with him and his parents.
Building Legos together,
Eric reminded Auntee
that he saw God.
That's all he would say...
it was between he and God.
But he had tears 
in his eyes 
with remembrance. 

His parents 
were reading a book that
a nurse had given him.
She told him to read it...
and to get his parents 
to read it too.
His parents were in the room
when she gave it to Eric. 

The book?
'Proof of Heaven'
They were reading it 
at Christmastime!
Eric made certain
that Auntee had 
her own copy too!

Monday, he went back
into the hospital with H1N1
Today, he is no longer
present with us...
but present with the Lord! 
it wasn't the disease
that robbed him,
but the deadly H1N1!

I feel certain ...
that Eric Matthew 
left this earth...
clinging to Jesus!
Jesus had prepared him!

Just two days 
before his passing -
he told his mama
that he was ready...
for HEAVEN!!!

It always amazes me 
how God leads...
moves...and directs -
bringing individuals 
into our lives -
even in the lives 
of unbelievers... 
to get us 
where His loving heart
wills us to be. 
On earth, as it is...
in Heaven.

It was a given 
that the Lord prepared 
Eric for Heaven's gates!
In the end...
Eric KNEW 
where he was going! 

He was going to HEAVEN
to be with the 

It will be harder 
for Eric's earthly Dad
to see God...
especially after taking
his only child! 

But God....

I feel certain 
that Mom and Dad 
will see Jesus too! 

What a testimony
to the faithfulness of God!
O how WIDE and HIGH
and LONG and DEEP
is God's LOVE 
for you and me! 


Eric Matthew
dancing with God!!
The ultimate healing...


Matthew 28:19 compels me to ask...
Do YOU know where you are going...
when your earthly life is over?
I assure you...God knows!
Don't miss the opportunity
to SEE God in a new LIGHT.
Our days are numbered.
Its a given ....
that YOU will die.
Will YOU live eternity
with your Heavenly Father?
Do YOU know?

O how WIDE and HIGH
and LONG and DEEP
is the Father's LOVE
for YOU and ME! 

Choose this day..
whom you will serve!


  1. So sorry for his family that is left behind but rejoicing with Eric that he got to be with JESUS first!

  2. Eric's Auntee responds...

    Thank you, that was a beautiful tribute! I am missing him and it is painful, knowing he won't call me again, or ask when I am coming down, or if we can build Lego's together next time, like we did on Christmas and many times before that. He was amazing and I loved the big smile on his face when I would walk in the door! How I wish I would have been there more, and called him more, but we made a lot of memories together and I will cherish them always, until I see him again, and I will!

  3. I am so sad for this family, but I have to agree with your verse Patrina... he is safe & happy & well, in the arms of Jesus. How I pray that his family will see the truth as well. Thank you for updating us.

  4. What a beautiful tribute to Eric Matthew, who is now whole and healed with Jesus.... I love your phrase, dancing with Jesus. I am so thankful that God gave the family an extra month and Christmas, to learn of Eric's acceptance of the Lord earlier in his life, and to let his auntee know of "seeing Jesus" in his hospital room. I'm sure that was a special visit from the Master Healer himself, assuring Eric it wouldn't be long before he would be completely whole and healed - in heaven. May his parents come to know the same love of the Father!


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