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Jan 29, 2014

Day 6 ~ Extended Focus ~ Going OVER

Learn the process of going "OVER"! 

Read Isaiah 54  ....memorize verse 17. 

no weapon forged 
against you will prevail, 
and you will refute 
every tongue that accuses you. 
This is the heritage 
of the servants of the LORD, 
and this is their vindication 
from me," declares the LORD.
Isaiah 54:17 NIV 

We must have an "over" mentality. 

Overtake or be overtaken. 
Overthrow or be overthrown. 
Overturn or be overturned. 
Overcome or be overcome. 

Be sure you are being overseen. 

Also, define the sphere 
that you are overseeing!

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries, Inc.

What Going Over Looks Like

"When the feeling of hurt arises....
the spirit of offense comes on the scene 
to fortify the pain....
tempting you to hold on to the grudge 
in your heart. 
Therefore, the proper response 
to emotional pain of the soul 
is ALWAYS an immediate confession 
of forgiveness from the heart. 
The alternative to forgiveness 
from the heart 
is ongoing torment of the soul. 
So if you want to be free 
from your hurts and wounds, 
take thots of forgiveness...
meditate on them and confess them 
rather than taking the thots of hurt...
meditating on them and confessing them. 
This is God's way and the only way 
that brings true healing. 
And...while your at it, 
pray for those who have hurt you. 
This process will cleanse your heart 
and renew your mind - 
and you will walk FREE from your past. 


Jennifer Leclaire 
click Jennifer's link above to hear her
video on 'Dealing With Church Hurt ~ God's Way


  1. My fav verse as I battled some powerful people from the past years regarding my position at work. How faithful and true He is! Glory be to God!

    That their decision with intimidating lies never harmed me. Instead became a blessing to me. But became the broken branch (where they were sitting and cutting at the same time)...Such battles... But with our choices...And how foolish to go without Him. We overcome because of His power! Thank you for this.

  2. RCUBE's

    love it that you can say they're intimidating lies never harmed you! God gave you the victory! We are indeed over-comers through and because of His power! It's not always easy...to continue to walk forward in our deep pain ... hurt...rejection....false accusations against us....but I'm choosing to take captive every thot, muttered or clearly voiced words generated from within me ...and spoken against me....to the obedience of Christ. to choose to walk in forgiveness from the get go! God is definitely causing me to step up and take notice of my own lose words...even against my self!

    Victory is ours!
    blessings my friend
    patrina <")>><

  3. Forgiving and forgetting takes HIS grace which I ask when I pray....amen.
    HE has always vindicated me from every wrong accusation, ...and chastise me with HIS words when am at fault, until I ask for forgiveness.

  4. New Dawn,
    His GRACE is sufficient. We are all gracious heirs of His Grace...but we must humble ourselves to receive it.

    "...until I ask for forgiveness." I had to chuckle at this statement. How true for all of us, I do believe. His voice pulls a lot of weight with me. His convicting ways are always gentle with me though. My heart is flexible in His hands...once I surrender.

    thanks for picking up the pencil SM
    patrina <")>><


Thanks for picking up the pencil...

May the grace
of the Lord Jesus Christ,
and the love of God,
and the fellowship
of the Holy Spirit ...
be with you all.

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