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Jan 10, 2014

Day 9 : God's LOVE is WIDE and HIGH and LONG and DEEP

"You can be a conqueror in all things through my love...for neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers...will separate you from My Love..."

~ Your Heavenly Father

taken from Romans 8: 37-39

The above photo is 
my Daddy in Germany
at the end of World War II.
He said that the children ran
to meet them every time
the soliders walked 
down the street.

Can you imagine 
such a world

- led by the innocence
of little children?
The pure LOVE ...
of an untainted soul?
Children don't understand
WAR! and HATE!
We were created
to LOVE!

LOVE God...
LOVE people! 

"Childhood is measured out
by sounds and smells
and sights,
before the dark hour
of reason grows." 

~ John Betjeman

I​n reading a book 
on the Dead Sea Scrolls, 
I saw the word 'Shema' 
as referred to in 
Deut. 6:4-5 - 
the Hebrew prayer

4 Hear, O Israel: 
The Lord our God, 
the Lord is one. 
5 Love the Lord your God 
with all your heart and 
with all your soul and 
with all your strength. 
6 These commandments 
that I give you today 
are to be on your hearts. 
7 Impress them
 on your children. 
Talk about them 
when you sit 
at home 
and when you walk 
along the road, 
when you lie down 
and when you get up. 
8 Tie them as symbols 
on your hands 
and bind them 
on your foreheads. 
9 Write them 
on the door frames
of your houses 
and on your gates.

Research brought me 
to an old war story...

During a fierce battle 
two enemy soldiers 
were engaged in fierce 
hand to hand combat. 
One soldier overpowered 
the other and was about 
to drive his bayonet 
into him, as...
The enemy soldier 
called out "Shema yisrael!" 
The conquering soldier 
was also Jewish, 
and therefore...
answered his enemy's call.
They quickly realized who 
they were, and the impending
slaughter was halted...
right then and there! 

and LONG and DEEP
is the Heavenly Father's
LOVE for YOU and ME!

The Shema is a declaration 
of faith, a pledge of allegiance 
to One God.

Shema is one of the sentences 
that is quoted 
in the New Testament. 
The Gospel of Mark 12:28-31
mentions that Jesus of Nazareth 
considered the beginning 
exhortation of the Shema 
to be the first of his 
two greatest commandments:

28 Which is the first 
commandment of all?  
29 And Jesus answered him, 
The first of all 
the commandments is,
Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God 
is one Lord:  
30 And thou shalt love the Lord 
thy God with all thy heart, 
and with all thy soul, 
and with all thy mind, 
and with all thy strength: 
this is the first commandment.  
31 And the second is like, 
namely this, 
Thou shalt love thy neighbour 
as thyself. 
There is none other 
commandment greater 
than these.  

In addition, the apostle Paul 
reworks the Shema 
in 1 Corinthians 8:5-7:

5 For even if there are 
so-called gods 
whether in heaven 
or on earth, 
as indeed there are 
many gods and many lords, 
6 yet for us there is 
but one God, the Father, 
from whom are all things 
and we exist for Him; 
and one Lord, Jesus Christ, 
by whom are all things, 
and we exist through Him.  
7 However not all men 
have this knowledge;

The following was huge!!! 
This brought tears 
of understanding!!

The reciting of the first verse 
of the Shema is called 

"The acceptance of the yoke 
of the kingship of God" 

(kabalat ol malchut shamayim
(Mishnah Berachot 2:5)

See that Hebrew word..

that's the word that 
sounds harmonically similar 
or the exact same pronunciation....
as spoken to me in a dream 
that the Lord gave me
5 years ago!

The Lord brings this dream
to remembrance time and again.
A few weeks ago...
I asked Him for the 
correct spelling of the word. 
I had searched only
according to how I heard it
pronounced in the dream.
He did it!
He let me see the spelling
and in seeing...
I finally see its 
spiritual meaning...
and it resonates strongly
within my spirit. 


Though I know nothing 
of the Hebrew language, 
I now see that the man 
in my dream  -
dressed as what appeared
to be a German solider -
was called a 'Shamayim' -
meaning that he had accepted 

the yoke of the 
kingship of God!

.....as have I....
he recognized the 
authority....of the KING...
the Kingship of God in me!

According to this source...

In my dream...

I didn't see his gaze
standing at the door.
He'd just came down
the stairwell of the
beautiful historic hotel
where I was working
as a cleaning lady.
The fact that it was a 
speaks of past generations
and TIME.
God often speaks about 
TIME in my dreams.

A quick glance 
in  his direction...
brought a knowing that he 
apparently recognized me. 
I being shy ignored him 
and turned away.
Taking his cue from me -
he turned to open the door.
Immediately - something 
caused me to reestablish 
his original connection.

It was weird...
I didn't  know him... or did I?
I trusted his recognition of me.
It was his knowing glance...
his JOY at seeing me -
that drew me towards him.
It wasn't romantic attraction.
More like family.

The very moment 
I turned back towards him,
he closed the door...turned 
and readied to embrace me.
It was in that moment
that I recognized him.
in fact, I ran to hug him!
It was such a 'home' feeling.
Like I'd been FOUND!
Little girl lost ...
had been found!

Yet afterwards...
when he walked outside,
I asked the woman with me...
"Who is that man?"
That's when she spoke -
"He's a Shamayim."
I glanced outside 
in contemplation.
What's a Shamayim?
I needed revelation
about this strange knowing...
still unfamiliar to me...
in ways I couldn't comprehend.

He had already taken on
a different role. 
I was baffled to see him
dressed in a jeans jacket
with some emblem or logo
embroidered on the back...
and punk red hair.
He was engaged in a
'round table' discussion
with 7 other men!
And yet...I still KNEW
it was him!

was he an angel?
Was he my assigned angel?
I KNOW I have one...
or many assigned to me.
I have been rescued 
more than once...
from apparent DEATH!


Even in a time of war...
this foreign solider 
recognized my yoke to God! 
The same TRUE God
of his inheritance.
We shared a common bond!
We were Sons and Daughters
of the Most High KING! 

This was huge insight for me! 
It explains why I felt like 
we had a history together.
We hugged each other
with an indescribable JOY.
We knew each other
from an unknown time..
but when?...where?

We knew each other 
in the spirit! 

The Spirit of God was
illuminated in our spirits.

It brought forth 'a knowing'.
And in that isolated moment,

I welcomed with open arms
this gift...emboldened 
with COURAGE...
in a time of WAR!
It resonated in my spirit -
and will forever be...
​a pillar of strength
for the current and future
WARs I'm destined to fight.

We were both soldiers.
He in obvious physical war,
dressed in a soldiers uniform.
I in spiritual warfare.
Represented by the fact
that I was cleaning
an empty bird cage -
the empty cage speaks
of deliverance...
as in the 'caged bird'
was now free.

In the dream, 
we were soldiers of
the Lord's Kingdom. 
Different roles. 
Different positions. 
Different skills and talents...
but both bonded 
to the same Kingdom...
and to the same God.

We were both positioned 
at this place and time...
for this KNOWING
to be birthed in me! 
That is still a mystery. 
But the biggest mystery ....
has been revealed! 
The rest will be revealed 
in HIS time. 
And with that revelation, 
will come ' a knowing'. 
A witness to a STRENGTH
and POWER far above 
what I could ever imagine! 

A knowing...that we are known 
by the Greatest King 
and Kingdom....
the King of all Kings. 
And it is He - 
the ONE and only - 
that makes us KNOWN.... 
for His Glory and His alone!

Praise be to 
GOD the Father...
the Son 
and Holy Ghost!


the Lord has been 
revealing more.
it's all about TIME!
God's timetable is perfect.
In His TIME, He makes 
all things beautiful.

When I put this 
to words on my blog ...
after years of journal entries
about this dream...
I scribed words I hadn't 
used before, ever...
that I can remember
in all my 13 years of 
dream journaling. 

He is revealing more
through such words as...
'caged bird'; 'little girl lost';
'found' and 'German solider'

After much reflective
contemplation and prayer...
I may revisit this 
in a sequel post. 
The KEY to discernment
in journal writing...
is writing what's already 
written on the heart.
Sometimes, we just have to 
see the words...
for them to take form
and come alive with

I definitely encourage




  1. What a revelation! This morning..."Jesus is onky a prayer away..."is being whispered into my heart.May we always have that childlike faith in order to see His things thru the eyes of our hearts. As I read your post, Jacob wrestling with God was in my mind. He never let go and struggled. May we send our petitions not giving up and not stopping for by Spirit we are able to know Him more. The way you saw that priceless revelation. What beautiful nugget to chew sister. Thank you for blessing me with this this morn. Be strong in the Lord's mighty power.

    1. Indeed! ... by His spirit we are able to KNOW HIM more. I know Jacobs struggle...been there myself! Likewise, Jesus never gives up on us either.

      Still chewing :)

      thanks for stopping by to bless me with your pencil
      Patrina <")>><

  2. Absolutely beautiful Patrina,
    and as I was reading it I recognized things. One was the program on 'Time' that I related to on my last post, and another was to do with birds trapped in a room which appeared in a dream I had. I don't know if I have included this in a post on a blog. When you said about the joy of meeting the soldier and the extreme love you felt, it reminded me of my 'near death' experience that I have put on my blog some time ago where I believe I was carried away to the third heaven and was with people I had known before I was born. I felt that same kind of love. I am going to read your post again as there are so many things that relate to my experiences.
    God bless you Patrina

    1. Brenda,
      Yes...so enlightening...your post...and your sharing about the TIME program. I don't remember your dream about the trapped birds... but maybe you can link to it here in a comment...I would love to read it. Would love it if you posted a link here to your 'near death' account as well. Others may want to read it. I have not read it. ..but I have heard you mention your 'near death' experience.

      Glad I stirred up some relating in your own mind and spirit. We seem to do that for each other. such a blessing you are to me.

      Thanks for picking up the pencil to bless me with your thots.

      patrina <")>><

  3. Thank you for sharing this life of your spirit.
    It is interesting that we carry so much more than what we realize; our inner being, spirit is connected to the Kingdom of God by His spirit. Jesus said the Kingdom of God is near you. At that time Holy Spirit had not come within us but now He does, and He is The Kingdom. So then, it is not surprising to realize the truth of our 'home' and who we are made from.
    Our soul is in conflict: on one side is our spirit which when re-born is connected through the Darling of Heaven; on the other hand our soul interfaces - too strongly I will say - to the flesh and world. This is where the world lives, connected to the stimulants of our senses; however there are those that our Abba has called aside to pull within themselves to the Secret Place of the Most High; where the language and pictures, and smells, and sounds, and beauty of Heaven enrapture us. This is life, life to the full.
    Patrina, thank you for drawing within to discover your (our) roots and inheritance. You are blessed and a blessing.

    CS Hester


Thanks for picking up the pencil...

May the grace
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and the love of God,
and the fellowship
of the Holy Spirit ...
be with you all.

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